God said:

You do not have to make plans. Live today. Each day of life unfolds, and no
two days are the same. Life does not have to unfold the way you say it does.
Life unfolds as it unfolds. Do not be stricken when life diverts from your
plans. Enjoy your plans. They may not come to the surface of life, and, yet, how
do you know that the dreaming did not fulfill your plans? The dreaming can be
the deed.

When life takes a different course from the one you figured was supposed to
be, life is taking the course that is supposed to be. What is now is what is
supposed to be now. Your travel plans got changed. You were sure that was
the place for you, and somehow you got to . Who knows better where you are
supposed to be than life?

Maybe you wanted to stay home like a comfortable Hobbit, and you find
yourself on an adventure you never dreamed of.

Or, perhaps, you wanted great adventure, and you find yourself sitting home.

You already know that life has a mind of its own, and life’s mind may not
concur with yours. Life may change its mind, of course. Nevertheless, you do not
have to make firm plans of your own. Maybe you will enjoy Alaska very much.

You enjoyed making your plans for Hawaii, yet life found a way to place you
in Alaska. Such is life. A surprise a minute. The wind lifts you up and carries
you where your plans do not. It is good to be alive anywhere. Take the adventure
you are given. Be a good sport. Maybe you go to Hawaii next, or maybe you don’t.
Your plans do not have to be followed.

Let life unfold. Take a ride on the bus that presents itself. Get on. Even if
you stay home, you are getting somewhere. The most important thing in life isn’t
to have to be in a certain place. The most important thing in life is to be.

Christopher Columbus thought he was going to , and so he discovered
. He did not kick and scream. When Columbus set out, he thought he was
going somewhere, and he landed up somewhere else. Is this not commonplace in

Today, you set out in life on a journey to yourself. No matter where it is on
the map, you are in a good place. You are where you are supposed to be at this
moment. Is that not a good thing?

Life is not to be forced.

You may love a certain woman and demand that she be your wife, and yet she
marries someone else. Wish her well. No matter how wonderful she may be, it
turned out that she was not for you. You were sure she was for you, and you were
mistaken. Life had someone else in mind for you, or no one else.

Know ahead of time that life is taking care of you. Life does take you to the
places where you are to be. Life does take you to the people you are to meet.
Life takes you to all the right nouns and verbs, one after the other, all in the
right sequence. Do not be a . Life is good. Even when life does not turn
out the way you wanted it to, it is still good. It is your life. Bless it. Bless
it in My name.

Consider life a gift every which way. Just as when you were a child, you may
have wanted one cereal, and your mother gave you another. Eat the cereal set
before you in good grace.