God said:

The Heavenletter before this does not say that you are to give up on your
dreams. Have your dreams, keep them, and be happy with what comes. In every
case, something wonderful is on its way to you.

It is like this: You have a recipe for a certain cake. You start making it,
and you find you are missing an ingredient. Well, you substitute another. You
make the best cake you can in that moment. You improvise. You do not stamp your
foot or cry. You are not stymied. You bake your cake, and it may turn out to be
the best ever. You play your part.

Life is like that cake. You can ad lib a recipe. You can ad lib life.

You do not have to be adamant about what life is supposed to look like. You
do not have to be adamant about what you look like. You go along with life as it
is. You run along beside it. Life may go your way, but not always. Maybe life
knows better than you.

A book you are reading does not always turn out the way you wanted. It is a
good book nevertheless. You close the book, and you enter the next book in a
continuation of a series you call your life.

Your life, beloveds. What a boon.

It is said that there are no mistakes in life, yet you can be mistaken. What
you make of what occurs is not surefire.

Just as when you take a photo, you may have to focus it more to the left or
more to the right. You don’t mind making that change. Don’t mind making other
changes in life as well.

You may want ivory paper to print on, and all you have is blue.

You may want peaches, and all the store has are peaches.

Be happy with what you find.

It could be that what comes next is what you want.

Life is like a telescope that keeps extending. There is always more. You can
go further. Sometimes the telescope expands, and sometimes it contracts. This is
good experience for you. It makes you flexible – but not too flexible. Hold on
to your dreams at the same time as you don’t need to have them. You are not at
the whim even of your dreams. Life is coming true.

Just love, beloveds. Love your dreams, and love your life as it appears
before you. Take a chance on life. See what it has in store for you. Let the
play proceed. You are the performer of your life. You are as well, yet
that does not mean that everything plays out the way the director envisions.
Allow life some freedom. Don’t nag life. Don’t standardize it. Live it. Up hill
or down dale, have fun with it. It is only life. There is only life. There is no
death. There are no tragedies, but to you there are. You see only a slice of
life, not enough to tell you the whole story.

Life in the world is all about change, and you cannot always deal the cards.
Sometimes they are dealt to you. All the while, nothing has happened, only you
didn’t get your way. Be a good sport. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow you may
get the cards you want. You may even be the dealer.

Like a game of cards, life has to play itself out. What is the next card,
beloveds? You will see.