God said:

You can focus on whatever you want to focus on. Focus means to put your
attention on. Put your attention on where you want it to be. Your may
be to go off on tangents. Your tendency may be to go off to what is less
important, because what is less important may come in with a loud voice or be
right in front of you. Remember that you are the chooser. You choose to go
every-which-way, or you choose to focus on that which matters. You may love
everything that pops up at you and want to respond to all, yet perhaps it is
time that you learned to prioritize, unless, of course, you prefer to put off
that which is more important in favor of the lesser things that pull you toward

You can decide what is most important, and you can put your attention there.
You are not at the whim of every Tom, Dick, or Harry or every email that comes
your way. You are, it would appear, at the whim of yourself. I know it is
quandary for you. Do what you love to do is a good refrain, yet do not while
away your time on what diverts you from your purpose.

There is such a fine line between what matters and what you might like to do
at a given moment.

If you have to work for a living, you have to work for a living. Can you play
all day?

You may think that something is most important for you to do, yet if you
choose less important things to take care of first, what have you decided is
most important to you? Fooling around may be more important to you. Getting more
done may be more important to you than doing what may be your main

Everyone on Earth needs a day off now and then, and I suggest you take it. I
also suggest that you get your work done. And if you have too many things to do,
make your choices, dear ones, and do not blame your lack of focus on time or
everything else you have to do. You are understanding what I am saying, aren’t

Good for you if you can make every responsibility play! Then take your major
responsibilities as play, and play them well, and play them first. Everything
you have to do cannot be essential. What would happen if you didn’t do some of
the things you insist you must? The world will still revolve. The Universe does
not hinge on you. Well, yes, in a way, it does, yet the non-essentials will
somehow take care of themselves.

There is a lot to be said about not taking life too seriously. I tell you
that often. Of course, I do not mean that you can let everything slide all the
time! I encourage you to take care of what most needs to be taken care of. Take
days off, but not everyday, yet be sure to take days off.

Roll with the tide. Do not swim against it, and yet do that which merits

I will not point any fingers, but I know someone who may do well to consider
where her time goes, and I may ask: Do you put your time where it makes the most
sense, or are you simply taking the line of least resistance? It is good not to
resist, and yet you may put some things aside in order to take care of others.
Of course, I love you as you are, I love you regardless of anything, yet
dallying and delay do not begin to be who you are.