God said:

Look, you are the mainstay of the world. The world is not the breeze that
activates your life. You are the breeze that activates the world. Without you,
the world wouldn’t be. You would have no perception of it. The world would be at
a loss.

You are meant to be here now in a changing world. You are changing the world
which is a reflection of you. Not by force, not by dint of effort, but by your
being, you are changing the world. By your consciousness, the world is moved.
You are the one who moves the world up a notch, and you have moved it up notch
by notch.

Love the world and your presence in it. It is your scenery. It is your
background. Yet you are more than the world. The world is wonderful, and yet you
are more wonderful than the world.

If the world were an elevator, it is your hand that pressed Up.

The sun rises every day at your say-so. You had a desire that the sun rise so
that you could see and plants could grow, and you had a desire for the sun to
set so you could rest your eyes, and the flowers and other growing things could
rest as well. You are one of the sun’s growing things.

You are an inhabitant of the world, and yet you are the owner of it. You are
the landlord of the world, and so you make it beautiful, a little here and a
little there. You are the and decorator of the world. You are
responsible for how it operates and looks.

The world is a macrocosm of your life. You life is a microcosm of the world.

You were born into a world of your making, and you are making it still. You
are remaking it. With love you remake it. The only real power you have is love.
By dint of your love, you redefine the world. You make it new.

All this time, you have thought you were insignificant. No, My dear ones, you
are integral to the fate of the world.

Will I override you? Yes, sometimes I do, and yet you are responsible for the
world and all its behaviors.

Of course, the world is also responsible for you. The world you live in
determined you as well. The world you live in gave you a language. It gave you a
climate. It cultured you. It gave you scenery. The world as you knew it had a
great influence on you. And yet you are an influence greater. You don’t have to
do as your world says. The world, however, has no choice but to follow the
wherewithal of your consciousness. The world has to attune itself to the beat of
your heart, and attuned itself it has.

How do you feel? That is how the world feels. You are reciprocal with the
world. Uplifted, you uplift the world. Downhearted, you depress the world. That
the world is as you are has oft been said, and now you really know what that

The world is here for you, no doubt, and you are also here for the world, and
you are the of the band.

The world can only follow your cues. Find all the fault with the world you
choose, and the world will fulfill the faults you find. Find all the love in the
world, and the world will mimic you, and will find all the love in the

Be you the one who loves first. Love what you love, and let the rest go. You
don’t need to be so astute. Love the world.