God said:

Wherever you are, you are. You think it makes a big difference where you are,
yet you are you wherever you are. Who you are matters. Where you are is not a
big issue. I understand it is a big issue to you, yet where you are is
incidental to the gift that you are from Me to the world. You can stand tall
wherever you may be. Even if you are in a low cave, you can stand tall. Do you
understand Me?


Your stature does not depend upon the physical. You can be above all the
world. You are above all the world. Next to you, the extant world takes second
place. But, of course, We are not concerned about first place or second place or
last place. What meaning has the place you take in the world when you sit with

Yes, be an inspiration in the world, and be an inspiration
to the world. You are here on Earth to inspire the world. You
are here to let the world know there is more than the eye can see. Can the eye
see love when it burrows beneath the surface? Yes, you can show the world love
from the deep corridors of your heart. You cannot empty your heart of love. You
can spill love right and left, and your heart will be full. So fill up other
hearts with your love. You can do it. You are doing it. Sometimes you are doing
it. Do it more. Let that be your inspiration. You are someone with the capacity
to other hearts and your own at the same time. Where does your heart
begin and another&;s heart end? They are so close, so attuned, so heart in heart.

Consider your heart a star that sparkles. During the day, stars are not seen.
Nevertheless, no one the existence of stars. Do you not doubt the love in
your heart? It is a fulsome heart you have. It is a heart overflowing. Your
overflowing heart is meant for the world to see.

Stars do not stint on their light. They shine their starlight from many miles
away. Surely, you can shine your heartlight across the room. Surely you can see
the reflection of the heartlight you radiate. I see it. You can too. Everybody
can see your heart light. Everyone can receive it. Everyone does receive your
heart light. If there is darkness, everybody sees that too. They get swept up in
your heart.

How can it be that you ever think that you are unimportant? You are of the
utmost importance. It makes a world of difference how you think of yourself.

If you are a gift I have given to the world, and I say you are, then be the
gift I give. Know Who you are, and the world will radiate Who you are. The world
will pick you up in its arms, and hug you, and tell you how much it loves you.
The world loves more or less depending upon the inflow and outflow of your own

You are a major player in the world. I will go so far as to say that
everything depends on you, your ambience, your deportment, your engagement in
the sport of life, your engagement in the exchange of love. Keep giving out
samples of love. Before you know it, you will taste it yourself. How good love
is. How much more of your love the world wants to savor. Oh, come, reveal the
breadth and depth of your heart now.