God said:

Wherever you are sitting, I am with you. When you get up, I am with you. No
matter what, I am with you. This is the Reality of life. This is the Reality of
your life. All the trimmings, nice ones, not so nice ones, they are not reality.
They are add on’s, accessories, comments written as though they were
biographical or scientific or anything at all but fiction, scurrilous or
creditable, yet fiction nevertheless.

Story rides the crest of the waves of the tiding ocean. Story is beloved in
the world. You want to know how it all comes out. The story continues on Earth,
and you never get to the end. There is no ending. Wherever or whenever you stop
off, there is more story going on with or without you in it.

The Real Story is another thing. Beneath the fiction is the Real Story. The
Real Story has all the from which a story comes. The fiction doesn’t
stand a chance next to the True Story. True, the Real Story doesn’t have the
suspense. But which of you needs suspense when you are in the Glory of the Light
of Heaven? In suspense, you are suspended. In the Glory of the Light of Heaven,
your feet are on the ground, as it were. In fiction, your head is in the clouds.
The world has it backwards. For a long time, the world has had it backwards.

That which is not evident in the story holds Truth. The story is based on
Truth, yet the story is out-of-the-ball-park-fiction. It is fantasy played to
the hilt. Your factual bio is fiction. Your vital statistics are fiction. Your
entire life is a fictionalized story of love not yet believed in, love
unimagined, love dampened, unheard of, squelched, trod on, buried, tormented,
thrown away, burglarized, burnt, bedraggled, nefarious, and it is all fiction.
Life is more than what meets the eye. What meets the eye is an infinitesimal
spark of life. What meets the eye is light grown dim.

So what is it that happens in the action field of life? Nothing happens,
beloveds. A lot seems to happen, but nothing happens. All the wailing and
wearing sack cloth is but embroidery. From the fullness of nothingness, a tiny
handwriting emerges, yet no mark is left, erased the moment it is written,
tossed to the winds.

Who could make up life with all its twists and turns? And, yet, it is all
made up. It is agreed upon, yet made up. The rules shift in sand. World life has
become quicksand, and you have become stuck in it. Even though it is fiction,
you can’t put the book down. You who are immortal feel you are immortalized in
fiction. You need no immortalizing.

And yet, all this being said, life is to be lived. You don’t waste life just
because it is fiction. You don’t accept a shoddy life just because it is
fiction. In the fictional world, you do the utmost you can to be a hero. While
you are in this dream of story, why not be the hero? Why not be the one who
saves the day. Why not be the who carries off the , even as in
the story, they are disguised and do not yet know their true royalty? Why not be
the greatest fiction writer the world has ever seen?

Even in the world, you can live the glory of Heaven. You can be evidence of
Heaven. To be sure, you are the hero of your own novel. You can be the villain
too if you want, but why would you want to be anything but the hero of this
drama you find yourself in?