Hi kids, just noticed that somehow, somewhere, Pivot seems to have gotten it into it’s to trash all archives from march 2010 upto october 2010! Whatever it was, I did not actually have anything to do with it, and am as confused as you are, since Pivot has no functionality to selectively throw out a bunch of archives, and leave the first and last ones standing…. I’ll see if there’s anything that can be done, but given the absolute determination with which Life is dogging me at the moment, I doubt if anything will fix this….

Well, that is right in style for me: if adversity calls, give it what it wants, and move on. Because a world that won’t leave me what I think I have, isn’t the world I want anyway! And never mind that it leads to not having anything, and just being nowhere: Now Here is good enough, and it always goes where I go….

Have a greater day,