~your true state of being~

it is with great ….great …that we come forth
this day in this way thru this one
to inform you that you have moved into
a new and wonderful reality…

dear hearts….you are powerful creators…
the ~source of love~ abides within you now
in its ~wholeness~…
these past few months there has been much
arising for each of you that has felt unwanted…undesirable…
is this not true???

what has been occurring within each of you
is that your I AM presence is descending more
and more into the totality of your being
and as it does so….all unlike it must flush up
to be released…….let go of…….
this very process allows what is the opposite of love
to flush thru and dissolve into love
allowing more of what love is to ~move in~
so to say…

each and every one of you…those aware
and those unaware
are experiencing this now on some level
of their being…

the ways of LOVE are the only choice
in this new reality that will bring forth
that which you truly desire…

on many levels you do not know what it is
you truly desire for you have forgotten
what your true reality is…

what is your true reality??

you abide in a state of joy..
allow me to speak more to you
of what that means…

Joy is not happiness…
happiness …liken to sadness..
are temporal. states of mind..

yet your state of JOY…is eternal…
you abide within love in each and every moment..

so……..it is for you now to discover within yourself
how to choose for this reality
within each and every choice…

for with this choice
the highest in you is honored
and the whole of the universe
will reflect that choice as ~you~
decide for it…

imagine for one instant
that you are the very “source of love”
and you have the power to create
miracles from that knowingness…

that the power of love itself
is available to you in any moment…

what greater way to use that power
than to claim your I AM presence
and from that “space”
to bless creation…

for creation dear ones
is already “perfect”
it all abides within the one divine mind
that allows all things..trusts all things..
transcends all things..

for those of you who are aware
you are that love…
let me ask of you this…

what greater gift could you possibly give
to the “world”
than to use that power
to simply “bless creation” ????

for by doing so
you will be the first to
experience the blessing…

this day….claim your true reality..

~i abide in a state of joy~

i am unlimited forever..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am free to perceive whatever I so choose
and if i choose to perceive only love
that ~will be my experience~!!!!!

allow yourselves to “scream” that truth
from the mountains highest peak

~for in this new reality
you abide within a neutral canvas
that is yours for the painting…~

all is neutral and as you choose
to each picture that arises
with the colors and rays of love
that abide within you
that very canvas will come alive
and mirror to you
that truth…that reality…

this is your new reality…
you are the neutral canvas…
you are the …you are the
colors you paint…you are the brush
that brings the paint to the canvas…
this new reality is yours to “color”
in any way you choose…

herein….lies your true freedom

~what pictures will you paint this day
over what you perceive
is arising within each and every moment~..???

within this choice
your freedom ……your power to create
your reality
will avail itself to you…

your freedom lies in your power
to paint whatever picture you so desire
and thus create that experience for yourself…

claim your JOY….
choose it each and every now..

you are loved………….you are loving…
you are loveable forever…

blessed be the holy one’s
who have brought love to unreality..

from where i abide…we abide
our love for you is without end…

peace…..peace be with you
for all else is simply a “painting”
you have placed over the one true reality…

~jeshua ben joseph~


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