… amongst those who like me want to believe that there is something more and better. Point is though, there isn’t, or it is just too chickenshit to come out and show itself to us! Must have been close to five years now, that I either followed snoedel, helped it along into becoming a bit of moorelife, or even for brief moments thought there was moore life to the idea that we are all One, and thus we can conquer anything…..

Well, you’ve put up with my moods, my tantrums, and anything else I threw at you, most of which was already available on the web just another click away: because let’s be honest: almost all of the channeling articles come from two sites listed at the bottom of the page, and we all know where the videos come from! So quite frankly, no matter what you say or do, you can miss me like a bad tooth ache!

Sure, there are a few others like Marc and Sherry, and Denisa who always lifts me up with her enlightening poetry, but in the end, I have to do it myself, weed out the non-fun to create that void which will attract the fun. And quite frankly, that is not going to happen with me peddling copied stuff off the Web, or writing about how my day was. There is just no fun in that any more, and you just have to know that enough is enough! So I’m closing http://snoedel.moorelife.nl down, immediately where it concerns my involvement with it, except for maybe a few closing remarks, and permanently by the end of the month, or the end of the year. A nice moment to start with a clean slate, right?

No, no tantrum and threatening to destroy the lot simple because I no longer believe, on the contrary: more like a knowing that what happened happened for a reason, but was never meant to last forever. Time to move on, but unlike Gea I’m not looking for a replacement. I figure our creations last for as long as we let them, and I’ve been good at letting them exist after they were created, but snoedel.moorelife.nl has outlived its usefulness. It needs to become one with the Oneness again, and become moore…

Just leaving you here with the thought that if it is out there, it will find its way to us, NO MATTER WHAT! I’m just proving that by cutting off my lifelines with the encouragement of endless repetition that has shaped my neural net over the past five years. If there is any truth in it, it will come forward at its appointed time, no matter what I do to believe or disbelieve it. That is thruth, anything that simply surfaces because I choose to believe in it is mindless hogwash, not worth believing in in the first place! Just flakes of my imagination, not intended for enjoyment.

So yes, it was fun, but it has been enough. I will probably write in the future, and even have to check the contracts of my two novels to make sure they mention nothing about E-books, so I can publish them myself on http://books.moorelife.nl anyway, but blogging will require a whole new approach if it is ever going to become fun again.

Be well, and follow whatever your heart desires. But please, don’t let it be me, unless you are a certain person about whom I talk and dream way too much!

Love your Light, but shine it because YOU think it’s fun!