November 6, 2010

This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls
at this station. We begin by answering questions that may not seem to be
directly related to your ascension and ’s; however, everything happening in
your world is inextricably connected during this universally unique time. And,
as promised in our last message, we also shall respond to "leftover" questions
about ascension.

Now then, in recent months several national elections
have taken place, and while those within each country may appear to have
greatest relevance to its citizens, the larger picture is that the outcome
extends far beyond that country’s borders. In a third density world, governing
bodies are a hot bed of duality that energetically affects everyone everywhere.

An essential aspect of any civilization’s progress out of third density
is experiencing duality; realizing that its divisiveness prevents living
peacefully; and ultimately reconciling differences harmoniously within
communities, countries and internationally. By so doing, the peoples advance in
soul growth sufficiently to enter fourth density. The intensifying light has
been bringing about this realization—conscious-raising and spiritual renewal—and
it will continue to do so until the last vestiges of duality end in global

Speaking further about elections, it is natural that
proponents of the winning candidates are elated and all who favored their
opponents are dismayed—a prime example of how duality divides people in mind and
heart. Because there is no consensus among political parties as to what will
most benefit the citizenry—or themselves—rancorous arguing precludes cooperative
action and prevents sound resolution to your world’s serious problems.

That divisiveness must evolve into reconciliation, and as the light
increases in intensity on the planet, it shall. Officeholders worldwide, from
village level to national, will continue to influence the course of their
respective domains only if they serve wisely with spiritual and moral integrity.
Those who are motivated by ego, power or greed—and often knowingly are abetting
the Illuminati—will not last long because they are bereft of light.

separation of the wheat from the chaff will come about during Earth’s steady
progress out of third density. Leaders who remain in position and their
adherents will want to and shall bring about changes to benefit all peoples
throughout your world. All wars and conflicts and cruelty will cease, unjust
laws will be struck down as will all unfair policies and other negative
activities, and freedom will come to those who are in bondage.

Let us
give you another prime example of duality, the controversial issue you call
global warming. Those who believe this is a natural occurrence cite Earth’s ice
ages as proof that humankind has no hand in today’s record temperatures, the
melting of glaciers and the harsh climate anomalies. They believe that there is
no need to change manufacturing operations or turn to alternative sources
because doing so would be cost-prohibitive. Then there are those who believe
that science proves climate change is manmade. They point to industrial
pollution and the use of as the cause, and they maintain that unless
action is taken to end those practices, the cost will be total destruction of
the environment. With the two sides at loggerheads, no large scale efforts are
underway to change business as usual.

The truth is, both sides have
validity even though neither knows that Earth herself is in the process of
restoring the moderate climate of Eden times, when her body was pristine and
healthy. And pollution, a product of humanity, must stop because it is harming
the planet and all of its life forms. Eventually the two sides of the global
warming issue will realize that protecting and repairing the environment is
essential, and formerly extreme views will be reconciled into effective methods
to remedy the present critical state.

Earth’s swift pace toward the
window of entry into fourth density means that the end of duality will be coming
quite rapidly. The fierce tenacity of the dark ones has kept under wraps the
truths that must become known, and the lack of public awareness about these
truths has prevented major changes of reform nature. Therefore, instead of
happening in spaced increments that could be more easily experienced by all the
peoples, profound truths and resultant changes will be coming forth like pieces
in a kaleidoscope that tumble all over each other to form a new design.

You knew this was one of the potential scenarios when you eagerly asked
to play a part in this unprecedented time on the planet. You knew that your
cumulative lifetimes well prepared you to fearlessly weather the turbulence. The
universal high council that designed the Golden Age master plan knew that
too—that is why you were chosen and many others with lesser experience who also
wanted to participate were not selected. The energy of your calm steadfastness
in the light will touch those around you and the ripple effect will circle the
globe, so welcome the challenges ahead as the darkness is totally uprooted and
Earth continues spot on target to take you into fourth density.

decloaking of a spacecraft in the skies above a few weeks ago is
but one of numerous similar events that have been occurring in different areas
at various times around your world. While a mother ship or a vast fleet of ships
could have appeared during a more recent event in , , doing so would
not have been prudent. Rather than offering proof that civilizations are nearby
to assist you, such a display would have played into the hands of the dark ones,
whose entertainment venues have indoctrinated the public to react with fear to
any alien presence. Although a growing number of the populace believe that other
intelligent beings are "out there," comparatively few know that only those who
are spiritually evolved are close by because the light is far too intense now
for any darkly-inclined civilization to approach your part of the galaxy.

However, sightings will keep increasing in frequency and in more
locations until our universal family is officially recognized. Because that
recognition will bring to an end all Illuminati activities—yes, including
chemtrails, genetically modified foods, proposed actions that are against your
well being, and even nuisance insect infestations—they will continue to do
everything possible to prevent such an announcement. So it is reasonable to
anticipate more silly explanations about sightings; stepped-up "entertainment"
about sinister civilizations; and possibly as last resort, an attempt to
fabricate an invading force by one means or another. Be assured that if such an
attempt is undertaken, it would be quashed before it could achieve its goal of
creating mass fear and a reason to impose military control.

Even if our
space family did use their technologies to prevent manmade storms and
earthquakes, Mother Nature would generate these events as long as they are
needed to release negativity. Please remember that those advanced technologies
permit the fullness of negativity release even as they reduce the dark ones’
intended high death toll and massive destruction.

The significance of
rescuing ’s trapped miners extends beyond the courage, endurance,
perseverance and cooperation that gave rise to deep emotional investment
throughout your world during that suspenseful time prior to the triumphant
outcome and the exultation that followed. By raising the bar for Earth humankind
in those respects, the rescue stunningly shows the effects of the higher
vibrations Earth has reached in her ascension pathway. The collective efforts
and emotional reactions from the moment of the mine’s collapse until the last
man reached the surface could not have occurred a few years ago, before the
feminine, or goddess, energies started coming in to balance the masculine
energies that for long ages dominated life on your planet.

We shall say
more about those energies, but let us digress a moment to speak about balance,
which is essential to soul evolvement. You need to understand that balance is
not a permanent condition once attained—the universe is in constant balancing
motion and so is every soul. Let us say that you are enjoying an interesting
book during a rare time of solitude and leisure, and a solicitor calls. You feel
annoyed about this interruption and for the next few minutes you juggle thoughts
and feelings about that intrusion along with trying to resume your concentration
on the book and happy feelings about your leisure time.

Of course that
is a miniscule balancing act, but it serves to show that even without your being
consciously aware, always you are in one or another kind of emotional balancing
motion. The more serious your encounters with unpleasant situations or
relationships, the more difficult it is to bring your system out of turmoil and
back into the balance that is the foundation of your well being in body, mind
and heart.

And now, back to the energies that need to be balanced for
that reason as well as for soul evolvement. The dark ones who instigated and
perpetuated widespread suffering throughout millennia are totally masculine in
energy make-up—strong, unyielding, ruthless, conflictive, combative, determined
to succeed, control others and dominate all situations. is
equally powerful in other ways—nurturing, compassionate, gentle, sensitive,
cooperative, communicative, artistic in what you call "the fine arts," and at
one with Nature.

These two categories of universal energy have nothing
whatsoever to do with gender or sexual orientation— may be
dominant in a woman and feminine energy in a man. Achieving androgyny, the
perfect balance of the two energies, is the goal of every soul throughout its
journey back to Source, and pre-birth selections for each physical lifetime are
made with that goal in mind.

It is easier to make those selections
during a lifetime in spirit than it is to activate them once incarnate in a
third density world with all the external influences that can muffle or
completely drown out messages from your soul to your consciousness, messages
intended to guide your free will decisions in line with your soul contract. That
is why often physical lifetime choices differ greatly from the contract. Once
back in a spirit world, the soul reviews its past life, realizes that once again
it veered from its contract and chooses the same learning experiences during the
next embodiment. That can go on for hundreds or more physical lifetimes in a
third density world before balance is achieved and the soul can move on to
fourth density.

Another way to think of this repetitive process in soul
evolution is karma, which often is misperceived. Karma is not a reward or a
punishment, it is not something decided by a "divine judge" or your peers in a
spirit world or any other external source. Nor is it either positive or
negative; like energy, karma is neutral—both get their direction from thoughts,
feelings and actions, and those collectively determine subsequent experiences.
What karma is then, is boundless opportunities to experience both sides of the
coin, so to speak, and to strengthen areas that are weak in positive aspects
regarding behavior choices. In all cases, the ultimate objective is to obtain
the balanced experiencing that will complete all the learning offered in a third
density world.

For the ages that Earth has been in that density, it has
been an ideal place for providing the elements and circumstances of duality that
souls need to experience and master so they can evolve. However, by no means is
Earth the only third density world in form and whose human residents are mainly
at third density spiritual and intellectual attainment level. Many, many other
worlds meet those criteria, and some of you have returned from them specifically
because this unique time in the universe offers exceptional grace to all of
Earth’s residents.

Individuals are being helped to swiftly complete
their karmic choices via the light that is pouring in from myriad sources to
assist in consciousness-raising and spiritual clarity. All who absorb the light
will advance in those ways, and depending upon their soul contract longevity
choice, will either accompany the planet into the Golden Age or continue soul
evolvement in Nirvana or another spirit world. Those who do not absorb the light
will have other chances to do so in the cycle of lifetimes in a spirit world,
then in a physical world, and all of those worlds will be appropriate for the
peoples’ personal needs for spiritual growth.

Do families stay together
during and after ascension? Because of the variables involved, the answer can
only be "maybe." Considerations include the longevity clause in each family
member’s contract; soul level choices to exit rather than accept the truth about
religious dogmas; a person from an advanced civilization who has completed a
specific mission and returns to his or her homeland; and the strength of love
bonds, not only legal or blood relationships.

After Earth reaches fourth
density, will Nirvana remain in fourth or will it rise into fifth, etc. and
always be one density higher than Earth? This begs a concise explanation,
"connecting the dots" you could say, about the two types of density, and our
response will answer many of the issues you have asked to be addressed in these

Density indicates the level of a soul’s spiritual attainment
status and also the , or vibratory rate, of everything that has
form, body, substance. For your understanding, we speak of the varying levels
numerically, with higher numbers denoting advancement. Bodies are only the
containment forms, if you will, that the souls manifest to best suit their
purposes for the chosen incarnation experiences. Both uses of the word density
are applicable to all souls and their forms, and the numbers may differ
depending upon the degree of light within the souls and the density of their

For instance, at some point in deep antiquity the soul you call
Earth chose to reside in a planetary body, and she and God co-created that in
fifth density. Her soul remained there throughout the countless ages that her
body spiraled down in density due to the negativity produced by the actions of
her successive civilizations. Although most of the peoples living during the
millennia Earth was mired in deep third density were also third density beings
spiritually and intellectually, some among them were at lower densities and a
handful at higher.

During the past half century and more, the planet has
been rising out of deep third density by releasing negativity and absorbing
light, and during this process, its vibratory has become higher. As the planet
has been ascending, it is absorbing the light that will enable it to survive in
those higher frequencies.

Earth’s current population ranges from seventh
density in soul evolvement to second and first, those among you whose dark deeds
have caused them to devolve. And although all bodies appear to be identical in
form density, bodies of individuals who are higher than third density
spiritually contain more light and the bodies of those lower than third density
spiritually contain less. However, auras distinctly show the abundance or lack
of light in people, and those who can see auras can clearly discern who is who
in that respect.

Now then, Nirvana. Although you consider your spirit
realm to be a discarnate world with discarnate residents—a nonphysical place
where souls live without bodies—Nirvana does have form and all of its residents
do have bodies. Everything throughout this universe is energy fluctuating at one
frequency, or vibratory rate, or another, and forms in lower densities appear
more solid than those in the higher densities. That is why Nirvana residents can
see your third density bodies but you cannot see their fourth density bodies.

And, the spiritual attainment level of Nirvana’s population is in
accordance with the levels of Earth’s residents. As the spirit world serving
Earth, it is her residents’ first stop after physical death regardless of their
"good," "mediocre," or "bad" lives. The energy of each person’s thoughts,
motives, and deeds is registered in the Akashic records instant by instant
throughout the lifetime, and the composite energy automatically draws each
person to the part of Nirvana that corresponds with their lifetime energy

Nirvana is a meandering, flexible, multilayered placement
that can accommodate all of Earth’s residents from second to seventh density
soul evolvement status. The souls in first density go to the only part of
Nirvana that is separate, a tiny orb whose form is as dense as its inhabitants
are spiritually—their aligned energies are the densest in your solar system’s
area in the galaxy. Light is constantly beamed to those souls, and if they
accept it, they move from that tiny orb to Nirvana’s lowest layer. Light also is
continuously beamed to souls in the lower layers—levels of varying energy
registration—and when they accept the light, they move into the next higher
layer where they are offered advanced learning appropriate for their needs.

Most of Nirvana’s typical residents are third density spiritually. After
preparing to overcome self-acknowledged shortcomings in the past physical
lifetime, they make soul contract selections to put their remedial learning into
practice in another lifetime on Earth or a different third density world. The
spiritually advanced either quickly move on to their next destination choice or
they stay remarkably long to serve in the council or as master teachers or

Light permeates the higher layers of Nirvana, and because of
their exceptional beauty and diversity, they are vacation spots for people from
fourth and higher densities spiritually and in form. Those layers also serve as
a refuge for people from distant civilizations who have had a series of very
difficult experiences and know Nirvana’s reputation for custom-healing of
traumatized psyches.

Now then, to end our message we return to third
density worlds to mention another evolutionary service they offer: All have
subsistence worlds within them where first and second density souls start their
way back up the ladder. For instance, Earth has slugs, roaches, flies, worms,
minute marine life and other forms with consciousness at survival instinct
level. This is not punishment for the souls’ human lifetimes of evil-doing—it is
divine grace that eliminates all cellular memories so that subsequent
incarnations start with a clean slate and a place in the balance of Nature.
Whatever its station, every soul is a part of the pure love-light essence of
Creator Source and is provided with exactly what it needs in every stage of soul

All lighted souls have been with you throughout your life’s
journey and so it shall be forevermore.


LOVE and