wondrous of total security and infinite worth…

within the illusion much is occurring that seems to indicate that great changes
in your relationships with each other worldwide and with are most
necessary and unavoidable. The fact that awareness of these essential needs for
change is becoming so obvious to so many of you demonstrates very clearly the
effect that your loving prayers and periods of meditation are having across the

prayers and intentions will awaken humanity. No other outcome is possible as
more and more of you connect and meld with the divine Will to bring this about.
The power and intensity of the combined will of you Light-holders is enormous,
and as more of you continue to join in and add further to the field of
divine Love, to which you are all connected, this power continues to
grow exponentially. It truly is unstoppable, and all resistance to God&;s Love,
which envelops you in every moment, will be swept away as all start to
experience that Love personally and individually.

that happens all will open their hearts in ecstasy to share that wondrous
sensation of total security, acceptance, and infinite worth that suffuses them.
The need to be right and to prove to others that you are of value will fade away
because it will be obvious to all that such is indeed the case – you are all
right and of infinite value. It is just that in your present state of very
limited consciousness it seems that different people have different needs and
desires, and that some are right and some are wrong. When your Father’s Love
fills your hearts, which it will as soon as you allow yourselves to accept it,
you will immediately understand and know that you are One with Him and with each
other, and that there is only one Will and one Intent — the divine One. And that
being the case, then obviously there are no issues to divide and separate you;
and, as you will discover, the joy of this realization is beyond meaningful

awakening into the divine Reality — Heaven, Paradise — is divinely assured and
guaranteed, and has been since the moment of apparent separation so many eons
ago. But of course time is a major aspect of the illusion, and the eons during
which it seems to have existed have truly been only an infinitesimal moment of
absolutely no abiding note or consequence in God’s divine Reality.

have been confusing yourselves by attempting to make the illusion real, and the
harder you have tried the more painful and unreal it has become. You only have
to look around you and observe the incredible lunacy of the issues over which
you disagree and fight your wars – personal or international – to see and
understand this. However, you have generally chosen not to be aware, but to
judge and condemn one another for being wrong, and you have then joined opposing

unreality of the illusion is amazing! So be glad and rejoice that this is so,
and that you are to awaken while it dissolves and evaporates into the
nothingness from which you constructed it.

so very much love, Saul.

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