Hi Friends,

I first wish to apologize to all those people who have emailed me, and
not received a direct reply. I did not realize that ’s message of the
19th. November would prove so controversial, and decided to give it some deep
thought and send out a reply today. Having since opened my 120 Emails, I was
overwhelmed to find that about 100 were expressing support for me. I am
therefore pleased to resume my work with SaLuSa and the , as
I had intended.

I have no idea as to whether the message was deliberately intended to
bring people to look within, but it certainly stirred up some strong response.
Maybe it is a reality check for some of us to see ourselves mirrored back. In
that respect I was no exception, and experienced shock that the message had the
opposite affect to what was intended. My faith was shaken and my ego hurt, but I
have since realized that it was not the right response. I quickly put it all
behind me, and suddenly I felt very good again and knew my work was to continue
as before. My feelings are not however important, and there is still much work
to be done. I have to say many thanks to those dear souls who immediately gave
me their wholehearted support, and I must mention Steve Beckow, Russ Michael,
Suzy Ward and Blossom Goodchild. I consider them to be my personal friends, and
they have risen above the controversy and seen that there is another side to it,
that causes us to look at our own reactions. I make no judgement regardless of
people’s opinions, as it is essential that they follow their own promptings. We
never stop learning, and in reality we have only just put our feet on the ladder
of Light. We are One on this great journey and we will find our consciousness
levels coming more together in harmony.

Regarding the video, I have to say that I may have been influenced by my
own understanding, and made an error of judgement. I never considered that
people would actually believe that Obama was personally responsible for the
missile launch, but I realize that to the unenlightened it would appear to be
so. I have always staunchly supported Obama, and I know the world will
eventually see what a great soul he is, as he leads us to world peace. Whatever
your views about Colleen’s messages, she has courage to stand up publicly and
point the finger at the Illuminati for their criminal acts against Humanity. I
think that was the message intended, and it is a pity that it did not come
across that way. We may not agree with another person’s beliefs, but we have to
allow them the same freedom we have to express ours. After all no one can force
us to go against our own preferred understanding.

Whether SaLuSa will have something to say on Monday remains to be seen,
and I would not be surprised if he did. Notwithstanding that I will continue to
do my best to bring through messages of Light and Love.

Thank you for bearing with me.

In Love and Light. .     

To be continued… in the next episode of First Contact series :-)