Not quite the normal dead-boring evening tonight: yesterday Gert-Jan called to his computer was not giving any image, so I guess tonight will be spent troubleshooting what could be a terminally ill video card, or a monitor with a bad case of non-visibility. Somehow, I see those not as machines that malfunctioned, but as beings which need help to again be able to fulfil their destiny. And for that, I call in the help of a few others, like my trusted netbook to check out if the monitor is sound, and a few assorted videocards from retired systems to possibly replace the one that might have deceased.In between fidgeting with the hardware, there is at least the very pleasurable conversation with a few people I don’t see every day, which is usually a nice change of pace from talking to the people I usually see. As if my girls talk a lot, even….

But before that, it is pampering time: first a stop at the local supermarket for a nice dessert, and then a long hot shower before actually cherishing it before my repair trip to that address only a few blocks away.

There might even be another story in it when I get back….

See you later,