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(NaturalNews) Praying for patients improves their condition
significantly more than hypnosis or the power of suggestion could
account for, according to a study conducted by researchers from Indiana
University-Bloomington and published in the Southern Medical Journal.

studied Pentecostal Christian groups in Mozambique and
, where such groups are renowned for their ability to heal
impairments of sight and hearing. Although such groups believe that
prayer is helpful even from a distance, they emphasize praying while in
physical contact with the patient.

"We chose to investigate ‘proximal’ prayer
because that is how a lot of prayer for healing is actually practiced
by Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians around the world,"
Candy Gunther Brown said.

Researchers used objective tests to measure the sight or hearing of patients
both before and after the intercessionary prayer. On average, patients
improved significantly after being prayed for. Two participants improved
their hearing thresholds by 50 decibels, while three improved their
vision to 20/80 or better from 20/400 or worse. These changes far
surpass those observed in hypnotic or suggestive treatments.

More evidence that the power
of prayer surpasses that of suggestion has come from studies where
patients improved even though they were completely unaware that they
were being prayed for.

"One remarkable study of prayer was
performed by Randolph Byrd, M.D., who studied 393 coronary-care patients
over a ten-month period," writes Dharma Singh Khalsa in Brain Longevity.

Dr. Byrd’s Study, half of the 393 patients were prayed for by an
outside prayer group," Khalsa writes. "The prayer group was given the
first names of the patients, their diagnoses, and a brief description of
each patient. None of the doctors or nurses treating any of the
patients knew who was being prayed for. The prayer group prayed for the
patients each day."

The patients being prayed for improved more than the patients who were not being prayed for.

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