8 November 2010 – 11:41am
Channeler: Lou James


Question 1

I have a question. Myself and my sister have had dream experiences or inter- dimensional experiences separately on or within a few days apart of tremendous storms and ocean waves coming in and lapping up at the doorsteps of our different places that we live. For me that was lapping around the doorstep, not coming in, and I knew a way out of it if it got worse. And then the coastline completely changed and altered around us and it was very graphic and very clear and there were balls of flicking off the ocean waves and coming in and that was quite magical.

For her she had similar thing except her house was completely destroyed and the tsunami type waves, yet she came and was standing next to me in my dream inter-dimensional experience watching …The Council: You are both great creators ….

… lol … it was pretty full on, but I didn’t feel scared at all.

The Council: This was going to be my first question after my statement of being a great creator. You see if you were not fearful within this and you knew that that which was happening around you was something great and awesome. It was almost as if it was bringing the change which you could not see yet you could see. We will start with the first dream. The energy that was coming off of the waves was the energy that was coming through the storm. And yet the storm was not so much of a frightening storm, it was not a destructive storm, it was one that was flooding. Bringing in something. I have spoken this night of the tear that is flooding your world with love. And it may seem in a dream state that there is this flood which comes in a human way which you say is destructive and yet there was no fear. There was always a way out. And this is what it is with love. Love will come in and it will challenge what is there. Is this what is to be and if it is let it stand, and if it is not let if fall. And if it is not there is still an exit door here. You may come into that which is to be standing. The truth of what is.

And perhaps that for which the one you call your sibling the destruction of that which she had around her, the home or the house, is just that which is the physicality around her. To let go of that which she may hold on to because it is nothing in reality to that which is coming. And when she lets go she is truly standing in her power and this is why she was able to look at what happened with herself in her dream and yet still be with you within her dream. Confident, unafraid, knowing that that which was coming is coming for a reason. The land masses you say was changing perhaps this is also what I refer to about the fact that there is a change that is happening with the Gaia. She is birthing new land. With it is the land of your in this now moment changing the shapes of her boarders perhaps, or perhaps it is out in the oceans where new land is growing. But do not take figuratively and do not take literally the dreams of what you saw as great floods coming upon your area. For yes you have had a great equinox, you have had great winds and in a manner of speaking your lands have been flooded in more ways than one with wind and with the moisture in the air. But more importantly the energy has flooded all our – and the energy that comes will break down . It will break down things that we hold on to that do not serve us. And it is our choices to let this go with grace and ease or it is to hold on to our detriment.

So your dreams are significant, your dreams are that which is what is already occurring and yet the dreams are also individual. Speaking individually to the changes that are happening within your own essence, within your own energy. The dreams speak of changes, or shall we put it this way for your sister, she is learning to let go of belief systems. She is letting go of things that she has once thought were so important and she is realising the very sweetness of the truth of simplicity. She has always understood simplicity, but now she is understanding the sweetness of it.

For yourself, there are changes within yourself. You are growing, you are expanding. Your shorelines are beginning to change. Your destinations are becoming more affirmed and more in line with that which is the higher call if we may put it that way. The family that has been represented to you is represented not just as your physical family, but the family that you will call family by the energy that is around you.

Does this help?

Yes – thank you.

Has anyone got any questions?

Question 2

You mention that this through is coming to New Zealand and also a few other places, but you also mention that the energy is coming through in two particular portals over the Pacific and the Atlantic and it’s flooding all over the world. So, what is it, is it all over the world at the same time or is it in a few places?

The Council: It is coming through, there are few places that are being resonating. As it comes through it makes contact and it is aware and you are aware so a flood becomes deeper, it becomes stronger, and eventually it will come around the whole world. But it will start in a few places. Here in the New Zealand. Here in the, there is a place over in what you call the . There is a place in the middle of the globe called the Africa. There are these three places that will be affected. Changes beginning to happen. And from there, once the changes have been set there will be a flood over the next period of time.

So you are saying there is three spots that are significant as in the portal openings or as the openings?

The Council: There are two. And these three places will be affected first by those.

Where abouts in will be affected?

The Council: It is the mid-America. I say mid because it is a band of land that will be affected, not one particular place.

And these areas are they needing change because it is stuck in old energy?

The Council: They are areas that are tied with many things. Belief systems, things that have held the people in those areas tied in an old mental framework and we are hoping that by flooding them first with this shall we call it the love factor will energise them into release. Energise them into change, energise them into movement.

Africa because there is much turmoil at the moment. There is much in-house fighting if you wish to call it that. This needs to be peaceful.

And New Zealand?

The Council: New Zealand because you have put your hand up. Many of you here have decided that you wish to move forward. You are releasing. There is also, there are some parts of the New Zealand land that are not shall we say physically within New Zealand but call themselves part of New Zealand and these will also be affected by this that is happening.

You mean the outer, some of the outer islands?

The Council: Indeed.

Well I certainly feel these energy shifts big time, I’m certainly feeling a lot of lifts and ecstasy in different shifts and waves and so what we are experiencing here, or what I’m feeling, or other people who are sensitive in this part of America, and part of Africa are also sensing?

The Council: They all feel like this, they will have this awareness of something is different, something is awake, something is occurring and they will seek and they will desire and they will start to search out more.

They will want to know.

The Council: Indeed.


And what is, from your perspective, what is some of the belief systems that are holding us back here in New Zealand?

The Council: There is a belief system within this land, it is not a bad belief system but it is one that is old and should be changed a little that says tomorrow will be okay. That today is okay, I’ll fix it tomorrow. You need to be more present. The people of this land need to come more into this now moment. Tomorrow is never going to come. I hate to break this to you but tomorrow is never ever going to come. You will always be in today.

Is that the “she’ll be right” factor?

The Council: I believe that would be one way that you would say this, yes.

There is another belief system in this country that is a little old, it is every old energy, it is not always realised, but it is a belief system that there is a right and wrong way of how to present oneself in as much as if two people walk into the room one is always referred first to rather than the other, instead of equality. There is still the masculine is deferred first. Then the feminine is deferred second and this is incorrect. And this belief system that there is one that is higher than the other needs to be dropped, needs to come into balance.

Because of gender you are talking about?

The Council: I am talking of the gender. And there is more of you coming into this balance within your own energies and this is affecting it more and more and so it is coming more into balance. But it is still deep within many shall we say psyche, understanding that there is – I am there because I am this, or I am lesser because I am this.

This is not always spoken of obviously.

The Council: It is a belief system that as I have said is old and unspoken, but it is still present within many. And there are also many other belief systems with the education, the way that people feel themselves and see themselves. Belief systems that you are not worthy until you achieve something. Belief systems that you are silly unless you have this understanding or this education. You see belief systems can be minor or major in your understanding of linearity. But to us they are just a belief system that holds you back.

Surely these belief systems are prevalent throughout every nation?

The Council: They are. But in this country there is the one that holds you most of this relaxed attitude. And from this relaxed attitude comes shall we say the growing bed for all others. Because you will always be able to have tomorrow to fix it.

In the early days of this land this land was able to set forth many different changes for there was a vibrancy and an energy in this land that spurred on that thought for want to believe that was right. But even this has come under the – It’ll be alright, we will look at it tomorrow. More and more acceptance of what seems to be the okay instead of realising that that which is the truth for this land. That is all that we are saying.

Question 3

I have a question. Some talk about the whole ascension process as being just a continuation. It started and will just continue going on. Where as others have specific dates that they focus on 10:10:10, 11:12, 12:12.

The Council: Pretty numbers are they not.

Yes. What’s your take on that.

The Council: Pretty numbers. Ascension is an ongoing thing. You will always reach certain levels and there will be new growth. You will reach that point of growth and there will be more expansion. You will be full in that expansion and there will be more until you come as I said, there will be that moment where we will all be shall we say equal. The Cosmos and the Earth … and even then once we have come to that balance with ourselves we then as a unit as a community, as a conglomeration of peoples move forward upwards together assisting and building, joining in the heart – yes – ongoing until we reach back into source.

10:10 – it is just a that has been given by many of us here as a combination of what you refer to here on your Earth as the harmonic convergence. It is just a point of reference of bringing into a clarity, a defining point with the humans that there can be a closure. The 11:11 and the 12:12 are just preparation points that are identifiable by some to prepare you for the year 2012 and you may go through classes and you may go through all these different things that will assist you by bringing into your DNA and bringing into your energy and bringing into this, this, this – of your being – or you may set the intent and say time out. You do not have to take cognisance of a particular number, but if you wish to take cognisance of a particular number then that is your choice. There is no right or wrong there. It serves some, it does not serve others. The choice is yours. But we have spoken and I know that the Adamus has spoken that the year 2012 is just numbers. There are certain points of reference that yes in the year 2012 it is symbolic of change. There will be change occurring, there will also be in the year 2017 much releasing within the energy of Gaia and in the energy of the humans. In the year 2030 there will be more movement and more releasing and more growth and more expansion. But these are just reference points. These are just years and dates within your linearity that we can point to show you and we use these dates to say that the year 2012 is not the end as many have believed. For if it was the end why would we speak at an observer point of view at another path further down the road? Do you understand?


The Council: There is much excitement for you – allow this to grow. Do not be confined by numbers, do not let another confine you by numbers for numerology is very interesting, it has much power and it has much understanding and will bring release in many different things but when it comes down to it numerology is just that – numbers. The study of numbers. And you are the ultimate number. You are the being, the master, the creator of all that you are. It is a time to rejoice and be excited. Does this help you?


The Council: Are there any other questions?

Question 4

We’ve spoken many times about New Zealand and the new around it etc etc etc. What can we do to encourage others to be present, be awake, and stay awake, or encourage them to expand on their journey?

The Council: I will attempt humour here. You may go to the highest mountain and light a fire … or you may put billboards up … or you may neon lights and say are you awake … or something. Or you can be the truth that you are.

Allow that which is the energy that is you to speak in every minute of the existence that you exist. Whether it is interaction with others on a linearity 3D manner of your work of your job existence or whether it is in the existence of that which is a communicative way that you exist with others in a community level or a facilitation level, of an assistance level, of an encouragement level, of being in a place where the humans gather there on the weekends and you purchase many things, I believe you call it the shopping mall, the mall. You can go into these places and allow that which is your energy to be what people resonate with. When you speak it is not just thank you very much. It is letting the energy speak before the words are actually spoken. Be that which is the truth that you are. When you touch another allow your energy to connect with them and speak energy to energy, heart to heart. This is the truth. Allow the truth to flow through you in every possible way. By standing in your truth and your power you are standing as a lighthouse.

Thank you very much.

Anybody got any other questions?

The Council: Then I will say thank you. Thank you for this time that you have shared with us. Thank you that you have made yourselves energetically connected, not only with that which is here but that which is around and out, your Gaia, your New Zealand.

One would say be prepared for great changes for we the Council see much change in this room, for both the physical and the non-physical that are here. Change is coming, good change, good change, exciting.

We thank you.

Thank you.

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