To enlighten us further, I went looking for great images. And being my lucky self, I found a great one pretty soon:

Recognize the style? Yep, quite similar to another one featured here a while back, which was called the Stairway to Heaven. Both originated from a site called But you know what really made me sad for a while?

This!!! No more beautiful imagery from I always figured hackers were mostly honourable guys and gals, out to get the big bad businesspeople. But GHoST61 and TurkSec apparently have better things to do: they trash a site that harms none, and spreads only Divine Beauty to a world that may not always understand it.

Well, I’ll get over it. and besides, there is a bicycle here with a flat rear tire which requires my immediate attention. If I can fix that so my ex can get to work tomorrow, that is almost as beautiful a deed as the images that the Great Illusion used to display. I sure hope the site owner hasn’t become too frustrated by the vandalism to want to give up restoring the site. And I hope he has a decent backup. Otherwise we may not see these beautiful pictures ever again…..

Thanks GHoST61, you’re a real gentleman!