Another day has just passed when the energies
reaching the have increased, as part of the ongoing upliftment of those
who can draw them to themselves. The help you are getting will continue and
already it has resulted in a higher level of consciousness, which will go even
higher still. It is all part of a plan to ensure you are well prepared for
. It is also noticeable that it is bringing about a positive reaction,
to problems of long standing that affect vast numbers of people. You are making
your views known, and in some cases insisting that those in power take notice of
your demands. This is particularly relevant to issues concerning your well
being, and a strong desire to bring peace to the world.

You will be rewarded for your perseverance, and that
elusive peace will be achieved. Then, and only then can the military machine be
dismantled, and all of its personnel moved to serve the people to preserve
peace. Weapons of any kind will be made inactive and destroyed, as for peaceful
and godly nations they are no longer necessary. Over the last century great
wealth and resources have fuelled continual wars or defensive programs, that
could have lifted the quality of life for millions of people. Then there are the
covert operations of the secret government, that are sometimes backed by the
monies from trafficking drugs. Immense amounts are involved, and no
consideration is given to the resultant misery that is caused. All activities
that are not supported by the Light must eventually cease, as will criminality.
The prosperity programs and the re-distribution of wealth, will also act as a
means to eliminate many reasons for crime, as they will remove the conditions
that often lead to it.

The dark Ones have deliberately kept you in a state
of lack, and dependant upon them for help. Yet in dealing with such matters they
have often made them worse, as it has been their intent to keep you suppressed
and conditioned to such a life. The fact is that if wealth and your resources
had already been used for the good of the people, you would be now enjoying a
much greater standard of living. To move on to it will of necessity
mean that much of what supports you now will have to be removed. You are
therefore facing a period of challenging changes, and being asked to release
much that you are now dependent upon on a day-to-day basis. Chaotic conditions
are unavoidable but the introduction of new ways of doing things, will soon
overcome all obstacles. Clearly the new path must be opened fairly soon, with a
smooth transition so that people can see and understand what is taking place.
The will undertake the need to inform you of such matters,
and advanced will be given to you once the new leadership
is established.

Let us say that no matter how chaotic things become,
we will be working as always behind the scenes. We will ensure that out of those
conditions you see what is emerging and realize it is for your good. The future
is very promising and there will be quantum leap that will propel you into a
greater level of consciousness, and the coming of Love and Light to the Earth.
It is a dream world that is to become your reality that will fulfill all of your
needs and a happy and peaceful life. In accepting such a vision you will attract
those energies towards you.

As always your best approach in any circumstances
that befall you, is to place your focus on the future and begin to live that
feeling of completion. That will carry you forward on a higher vibration, so
that you need not become involved in matters on an emotional level. Once you
start to experience the positive changes that will also lift you up, you will
sail through the last period of this cycle. How you react is really up to you,
and there is no need to be sucked into the changes except that you enjoy your
vision of the future. Your approach will be a calming influence upon others who
are less well informed. Finally never forget that we remain beside you even if
you are not aware of us, and in any event you have your Guides always present.
Talk to us of your concerns and you will be heard, and perhaps you will sense
our presence around you.

Your weather worldwide is changing and it is Mother
Earth and your Sun adjusting to the new incoming energies. The outcome will
eventually be a more temperate climate without the extremes that you are used to
experiencing. This not only affects you but also all life forms, that may
disappear or move to new location where it is right for them. The fauna will
also be affected and again the changes will encourage growth for some varieties,
whilst others may no longer flourish as previously. The outcome of all the
changes is to uplift all life upon your planet, and that which is of the lower
vibrations will disappear completely. Anything less cannot advance unless it too
is of the higher vibrations. What is happening on the Earth is occurring
throughout the solar system, but on planets that were already working on a
slightly higher dimension, the changes are less extensive.

You have little influence over what is happening, but
can help make the experience less unsettling or traumatic by staying focused
within you own Light. There will inevitably be a greater degree of cleansing in
some areas than others, particularly in the earthquake zones. will
cause the necessary changes to take place, which will alter the topography of
such areas. It does not however necessarily mean that it has devastating
results. We are overseeing such events, and will help make the consequences less
severe where human life is concerned. Some loss of life is inevitable, but we
remind you that all souls that leave the Earth before Ascension, are doing so
accordance with their life plan. In such circumstances they have not been denied
the opportunity to ascend, but have chosen to complete this cycle in a way that
best suits their spiritual needs.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speaking for the group
I represent wish you to know that we have great love for you. We will do
whatever we can to make the final months of your journey out of duality as easy
as we can. Most importantly, we are to ensure it is completed with

Thank you SaLuSa.