Day to day events all around the world are showing
that changes are necessary, as the old paradigm plays out its last attempt to
direct the course of peoples lives. However the new energies are creating a new
way that is being birthed in spite of the difficulties. It is the power of
thought that is molding them into a , that promises to fulfill what
is needed to break away from all that is failing and no longer serves your best
interests. The leadership of many countries is unable to resist change, and will
find that it cannot proceed any further unless it responds to what is needed.
There is a powerful movement within the people that can see the urgent need for
a new approach to life, and is pressing for the introduction of changes that
will allow it to happen.

Those of you who are aware of the potential for
change, are leading the movements that are destined to help them manifest. It is
essential that you call for a move into the right direction, so that your
and resources are not wasted. As always, whatever is focused upon is what will
be manifested. In other words simply see in your minds eye the results you seek,
and leave the Light to achieve them in the best way possible regardless of the
circumstances. That will allow us and other sources of Light a free hand to help
you without seeming to interfere with your . That is so important,
although we do plan it with the we have been given. At the
forefront is the path to , and any action we take is to open it up so
that there is a greater awareness of it. It will not be too long before it will
be seen that the end is not to be a disaster such as some envisage. It will be a
wonderful opportunity to step up and out of the chaos, into a period of relative
peace and calm. That will enable the plan for new Man to be started, with an
enlightened consciousness and awareness of what is required. By that time we
will have made open contact with you, and the opposition to our presence will
have been muted through an understanding of our divine

Whatever view is taken of the future, there will come
a time when the truth will be revealed and it will be up to the individual as to
how they receive it. The facts will be undeniable but we will not force them
upon you. If people still reject them they will still be able to follow a
different path of their choice. However the fact remains that all around they
will see and experience the changes like everyone else. What will be different
for them is the manner in which they see the “end” take place. However, what
cannot be altered by any other group is your Ascension along with .
That is divinely decreed and will take place as planned, and will continue long
after the cycle of duality has finished. Evolution is ongoing and in reality you
are only just beginning your journey back to the Source of All That

In the whole picture what you are about to experience
is a memorable occasion, which will lift you up out of the conflicts and turmoil
that inevitably comes with duality. You might say that it was indeed its purpose
as you joined the battle between the dark and Light. Subconsciously you always
knew that the Light would be victorious, but in the midst of it all you lost
touch with your true self. At times the Light was hard to find, but it has
emerged in time to take control of the destiny of your planet. It was always
planned in this way, but as you are beginning to understand, with your gift of
freewill it could have been different. Fortunately you have excelled in your
tasks to bring the Light to Earth, and yet another failure has been avoided. You
will be the first civilization to ultimately overcome the darkness. All that
remains now is for us to all come together and complete the final changes, which
will rapidly remove the last vestiges of the dark’s empire. Be assured that no
outside source other than the Light will be able to interfere with your

There are tough times ahead but they will be short
lived, as the leaders of the world realize that it is in yours and their
interest to join forces with us to deal with your mounting problems. As you are
aware the plan to deal with them has long been in place, and it is ready to
solve all of your needs. Our resources are unlimited, and even now millions of
craft are at our call. You will therefore understand that the time aspect does
not present us with any difficulty. Clearly we would like to commence our joint
approach to get the various projects underway, and rely upon our allies on Earth
to first carry out their tasks. They have acted upon our behalf and set up what
is needed to go ahead. One way or another, we will soon be ready to take a major
step forward but ask you once again to be patient, as the occasion demands that
the timing is absolutely right.

Go about your daily tasks with the assurance that
whatever is happening is part of the collapse of the old ways. Also be assured
that you will not be asked to wait much longer, before the changes are
announced. We certainly do not wish to prolong the agony some of you are
experiencing, but take it in your stride knowing that it will soon end. You
cannot yet truly imagine how far reaching the changes will be, and in next to no
time all upon your Earth will be totally different. Naturally the final changes
will not occur until you have ascended and entered the higher dimensions, and we
have indicated that what you are looking forward to is an ongoing process.
Change you must as you cross over to the path of Light and leave duality behind.
It cannot be done without your participation, and it is to be a unique and
glorious experience.

Life of course goes on as always, and your
contribution to it as you spread the Light around will ease the problems of many
of your fellow travelers. You can give comfort where it is needed, and anything
you can do to dispel fear will strengthen the Light and deny the dark such
energy. They promote it and use it against you, as it is their most powerful
weapon. Remember it is the Love and Light that is bringing an end to the rule of
the Illuminati, and all of you can help in this respect. Wherever you come
across the dark energies, send out your Light and bless those souls who are
caught up in it. Everyone responds to the energy of love, and it can eventually
get through to the most hardened ones.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and most delighted yet not
surprised that in adversity you have shown such determination and strength.
Bless you all.

Thank you SaLuSa