The anger and discontent at the problems of the world
is understandable, as you have been led into the planned chaos and failure
scripted by the . For many years they have eased you into the
conditions, which have brought about the demise of your civilization for their
plan to rule the world. In doing so they have created the need for change, and
thought to use the opportunity to introduce a world government. It would of
course have been formed with their hand picked representatives, and given them
total control and your enslavement. However, the opportunity for change has also
opened the door to our own agenda for your release from them. As matters have
grown out of their control, so we have prepared ourselves for the re-instatement
of your freedom and sovereign rights.

When the Illuminati have tried to escalate your
problems and bring martial law into being, we together with our allies have
stepped in and prevented it. We have stemmed the tide of their advancement,
whilst at the same time your consciousness levels have increased. This has
effectively focused your sights on what was hidden from you, and you are able to
see through the subterfuge that has been taking place. Not only that, you have
realized what you have been denied and learnt about us and our for
. The future is no longer a mystery thanks to the many channels of
truth that exist on Earth. However, there are varying degrees of clarity and you
need to be extra careful when deciding which ones are reliable. It is often a
case of individual channels having a subconscious desire for a certain ending to
the cycle, and attracting entities that resonate with that vibration. By and
large your attention will be taken by those whose messages concentrate on love
and Light. Those who talk of punishment and the wrath of God, are working from a
different level that is often the result of orthodox

As in all matters that affect you personally, we will
always recommend that you follow your own intuition. It will lead you to what is
right for you at this time. Sometimes you have lessons to learn, which will
occasionally take you on a detour and back again to the correct path. Do not
concern yourself if you realize that you have followed teachings that are laced
with misleading information. The important aspect is that you rise above them
and advance in your evolution. In truth there is no hurry except you are
desirous of ascending. However, you will need to put into practice your highest
version of what it is necessary to follow when you are working towards your
Christ Consciousness. It can be summed up by “doing for others what you would
have done for yourself” and seeing that all souls are One.

Human Beings are surrounded by people that are in
judgement of each other, and it is even promoted as entertainment in your media
programs. It is not the way of those who are enlightened, although we do not
mean that you should stop your reasoning or have opinions. It is the deliberate
targeting of people with a view to pulling them down that is negative and
damaging. It is often in the form of bullying that plays upon that which is
different to what is considered normal. It can become racial, and creates the
very separation that the dark Ones play upon to create disharmony. As we often
tell you, each of you are a godspark and One with each other. Therefore when
experiences are chosen for each lifetime, they will invariably move you from one
race to another. At this particular time as the end of the cycle approaches, you
may be sure that you have lived in every major country of the world. You would
therefore almost certainly have followed the customs and religion associated
with them. It is the way in which your understanding grows and your awakening

We members of the may have been
on Earth, or another planet where a different form of evolution exists. However,
regardless of where it takes place, it ultimately means progressing to the
higher dimensions. All souls are of the Light, and in the highest dimensions
take the form of Light Beings. I am SaLuSa and come from Sirius, and you are
probably aware that our Federation consists of all different civilizations that
have ascended. In the past you will have read of the Venusians, Arcturians,
Pleiadians and Andromedans who serve with us, are mostly associated with past
contact with Earth. There are of course others, but they are not necessarily
connected with us. All of our members have for example long given up the
barbaric practice of war. We represent love and Light and maintain peace in the
Universe, and as in your case help those who are ready to ascend and join

Bear in mind that your freewill has operated all
through your experiences. Even now there is no forcing of Ascension upon any
soul, but because of the importance of these times it will be placed before you.
It is then your decision as to whether you accept it, and if you do every help
will be given to ensure you succeed. We cannot sufficiently emphasize what a
unique opportunity you have to leave the cycle of rebirth, and rise up to the
higher levels of beauty and sheer happiness. If you could but visit them as some
souls have, the feeling of utter contentment and peace would overawe you. Once
you have known the joy of such a level, it is with reluctance that you return to
Earth. Of course you can experience happiness on Earth, but it is usually short
lived before your life is disrupted. Relationships are often the root of your
unhappiness, but that is part of your learning to overcome such obstacles. In
this respect be aware that you are experiencing exactly what you planned, and it
is just as well to try and understand the lesson that it is meant to bring to
you. Once learnt, you will not normally be expected to pass that way

Matters on Earth are coming to a head, and before
much longer something must happen to provide us with the opportunity to come out
into the open. There may be signs of where it is all leading before the
year-end, but in any event we are totally ready to take off. It has been so for
quite a long time and we upgrade our program according to what is happening on
Earth. There are stirrings of what is required to enable us to proceed, and some
of you have picked it up. We can say that we are in charge of earthly matters
inasmuch that as far as we are allowed, we are in control, and will soon be with

Thank you SaLuSa.