Just now, I had a bit of a run in with my netbook. When I bought it, one of the salespersons told me I’d be done with it pretty soon, as I walked out of the store with it. That seemed like a pretty weird remark, coming from a sales person, but it turns out he was probably right…..

Because this little netbook really is a reminder to aspire Oneness, short of its logo…

The moment I brought it home, I immediately noticed that the Starter edition of disables a number of features that I used to love in previous versions of Windows. Functions that make a machine more personal, like the ability to put an image or an entire slide show on your desktop, or a screen saver to make it more you are functions that are absent in the Starter version. I figured it had to do with the limited amount of memory available to these machines, and put up with the nasty windows logo on my desktop for the time being.

But this morning, with nothing else to do, I decided I had had enough, and would replace that logo with an image of my liking. No go! I found the image that was actually shown, but all my administrator’s powers were insufficient to modify said image: somebody had given me not enough power to access the image for manipulation, AND had made it so that even with my administrator rights, I was not able to change the permissions so I could do what I wanted with the image!

With half a mind to trash the whole system and go back to the old trusted system that did do as I asked, it came to me that actually Oneness would suggest another route. But what about personal preferences then? Are we just being told that those are outdated, that we are no more than mindless chunks of carbohydrates, that have no right whatsoever to influence the world around us, or even the tools we ourselves created? Sounds like a pretty bleak future to me, but I guess that’s where it’s heading…

Still, not prefering anything would probably land me the acquaintance of a pretty blonde as opposed to the attentions of a dark-haired beauty, with me being not able to do anything about it except to accept it or not. Hmm, sounds like Free Will just got bloody murdered, so life is just what it is, without me having any say in it. Never had, just never realised it until now!

I guess I’ll get used to it, like all those other things I got used to over time. It is all a matter of seeing it, not liking it, then no longer minding it, then no longer knowing anything else, until eventually you love it because you know nothing else. That about sums it up, and I’ll probably get used to that whole mechanism also. But right now, it is not on my preferred list of how things should go. Because instead of being able to do more, I’m actually having to get used to being able to do less, and still loving it more.

And if you can wrap your head and heart around that one, a bright future might just be attainable….

Love your restrictions, they show you your possibilities.