On this special day, , not only be thankful for
things past, but have gratitude for what is to come. Have joy in all

Be thankful this day for the mind.

As humans
we often confuse the mind with the brain. Our brain is the control
center for the bodily functions. It relays and distributes messages, as
well as sends signals throughout the body. Our brain governs all our
reactions. Our brain thinks and the body reacts. The question now
becomes, if our brain thinks and body reacts how do we think to react?

Our mind is attached to our soul. The mind is the invisible energy
field governing choice and the link to collective. The mind is the
gateway to infinite wisdom contained in us, in our soul. Our soul
carries information from all previous expressions and collective
experiences. The mind is the key to access all the authentic, absolute
information of self, collective and . As individuals, we
have already made the choice to react in a certain manner, thought and
experience we chose to have. Our brain is figuring out why we made the
choice, while the mind knows why the choice was made. This is where
confusion lives as humans; we always must understand and analyze choice,
and however the real obstacle is accepting the choice. How do accept an
idea, concept, or choice, when not fully understood?

the intervention of the mind all is accepted as is. The ego desires the
calamity of confusion. We already know the outcome of any situation
through the connection of Higher-self. Yet we feed the ego through the
confusion and we create with false understanding of the
predetermined choice. Like all else, the mind in another form of energy
tapping into the knowledge base self and collective. When we are
presented choices, we act like kids in a candy store. We become over
stimulated with choices. Then the brain/ego kicks in and says “you can
have all the candy you want." The end result is a stomach ache. We go to
the candy store knowing what we want already, but when presented with
options we lose sight of predetermined choice made. Like all else, the
mind has to trained to function at optimal levels to serve you, the

The mind like the brain is a tool. Both are trained to
fulfill their function. The brain is much easier to train. Through its
magnificent design, the brain can hold more information than a laptop,
if we train or will it too. The mind requires us to be more willful and
patient to access the desired information already contained in us. Think
of it this way, our brain is a laptop connected to our mind, a server
with terabyte of information. Through our brain we can access the mind
to retrieve data to process on screen, the world we live in. All the
information pulled from the mind through the brain has to processed and
understood for self to manifest in the world. From this process comes,
creation, ideas, oneness, harmony and balance.

The mind is the
brain for our soul. It governs our Higher-self to experience life to the
fullest through predetermined choices. By understanding we already made
the choices in life with our mind and accepting the outcome, lessons or
reminders, this is how we can truly experience being present. Through
acceptance comes presence. This is not an easy task, acceptance. The ego
likes attention and finds ways to attach itself in many places. Then we
have to vigilantly aware of ego to detach it and to accept what the
mind has placed before us. Remember what is given to us is what is/was
asked. The will to experience life in its many faucets is a choice in
itself. Allow the mind to present you the gift to experience life full
and be open to your heart’s desire.

Be thankful this day and everyday for your mind manifesting your thoughts.
Be thankful this day and everyday to access the divine information in the mind.
Be thankful this day and everyday to accept the choices made to experience life.

Tangible Objects

Held in the hands of faith
scared ties binding the wholeness of what is

Authentic energies presenting themselves in tuning vibrations
connecting to the truest form

Feeding from the receiving energies older than I
rooted in the eternal
cracked and fragmented

Lending power to tapped sources
now the channeled object touched by light and surrounded by sound

just being of design
filtered through senses
creating connections of ageless

Fragile to hold
tender to touch
taken what’s given
believing the balances formed

objects of truth
objects of life
objects of us
we are what we see