The energy of a name

Written by Talyaa Liera

Tuesday, 19 October 2010 08:33

are our most personal possession. It is through our name that we
announce to the world who we are, bringing what’s inside us outside and
allowing people to find a connection into us. Many cultures around the
world reserve the first name for family and close friends, believing it
to be a private thing shared only in intimacy.Names carry . Our names not only serve as a way to identify and
differentiate us from others, but they have energy of their own. When
you change your name, you avail yourself of a change in energy and

When I was 12, I wanted to change my name. "Karen" did not define or
describe me, I felt. True, I was still finding out who I was and as a
result I had just begun writing nightly letters about my life and
thoughts to my cat, Sheba, inspired greatly by the passion and
earnestness of Anne Frank, but I knew deep inside that I somehow had the
wrong name. I tried playing with the spelling &; for a few months I
wrote my name as Karyn — but that seemed like a meager compromise. My
parents were no help: "You can change your name when you’re 18." I was
crushed. I knew that Karen wasn’t ME.

The thought plagued me from time to time as the years went on. For
awhile I entertained the idea of becoming until Toyota named a
car that. I played with changing my last name a few times and feeling
the difference in energy that resulted. I became a new person every time
I stepped into the energy of a different name. Eventually, I stepped
back into my birth name in order to close a circle and to once again
embrace my connection to my family of origin. I had already been working
with the last name of "Murphy", though (the choosing of that one is a
story in itself), and chose to continue with it since so many people
knew me that way.

This year has brought wonderful transformation for me. From the gift of cancer
I’ve felt the invitation to look ever more deeply inward and to release
things I had been holding onto in order to bring myself outward ever
more. Before I left on my road trip
this past month, I knew that deep change would occur as a result,
though I didn’t know in what way. I pointed my car into the rising sun
and drove into summer in the Southwest, and there I found things and
released still others.

I first heard of The Kabalarians
in the 90’s when choosing baby names. The idea that names carried
energy seemed obvious to me. Last month, then, while in , I was
reminded of this organization. Something huge clicked inside me. It’s time to be myself. It’s time to change my name.
The problem I had had at 12 wasn’t in the deciding to change the name,
it was how to choose the right name. How many thousands of names are
there in the world? How many more thousands of names could be created? I
was vastly overwhelmed at 12. So the idea of choosing a name that
aligns with one’s birth path potential made enormous sense to me. That’s
what The Kabalarians do. I was given a list of 50 or so names to choose
from. Several could be ruled out instantly, but how to choose the
"right" name?

I became 12 again, and asked my Twelve-Self which name she wanted. There was one clear choice: Talyaa Liera.

I don’t feel as if I am birthing someone new, but rather that I am now bringing outward the Me that I have been all along.