Hmm, one E-mail, out of the blue, from two people I’ve never met, proposing something that’s right up my alley… has already come and gone, but the term “Trick or Treat” sure does seem applicable here. On the one hand, passing it up might mean continuing the way things have been for the last five years, which is hardly interesting. But taking the bait “so richly wrapped” as Phil Collins sang it in “the Lady Lies” seems something to be done with utmost caution….

Not much else to report here though. Either way, I stand to have at least a few days of fun and excitement, anticipating what might become reality, or it could in fact become reality and open new doors for me. Anyway, it won’t be much stuff suitable for reporting on here, because that is not how things are done. I’m all for being honest, but some things don’t need advertizing, no matter how much the business world thinks otherwise.

So don’t do anything I wouldn’t….