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(NaturalNews) New research has unveiled further evidence of the
consequences of night time exposure to light and how it relates to rates
of . Researchers in have discovered that mice exposed to a
dim light at night gained an average fifty percent more weight than mice
that were kept on a regular light-dark schedule.

This study was
recently conducted over the course of eight weeks with three groups of
mice. The type and quantity of offered to the mice in all groups
was the same; however, the mice in the "dim light group" ended up
consuming a larger amount of their intake at night.

A second experiment was conducted to build on the first and it is the results of this that sheds a clearer perspective on the possible implications for humans. In this second study the amount of food
was controlled so that mice in all groups were only allowed to eat at
the same scheduled times (rather than having food available freely).
This second study revealed no difference in the end weight of mice
between groups, despite the fact that all other variables remained the

Not all experiments on animals mean that the same results
would occur in humans; however, if it were to prove true then it would
pave the way for more research focusing on when we eat, rather than just what we eat – and how this might relate to how obese we are getting as a nation.

has long been linked with the hormone Melatonin, which at higher levels
in the body assists us in getting to sleep as well as playing a role in
Increased light exposure means less melatonin. Given that many of our
nocturnal activities now involve TV, computer screens and the like, it
is very likely that our hormones and body clocks are being impaired and
leading to eating habits that make it difficult to stay naturally slim.

may be that people who use the computer and watch the TV a lot at night
may be eating at the wrong times, disrupting their metabolism,"
co- of the study, Randy Nelson said.

[`s Note:
NaturalNews is strongly against the use of all forms of animal testing.
We fully support implementation of humane medical experimentation that
promotes the health and wellbeing of all living creatures.]


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