Date: December 7, 2010

New Message from Matthew – December 5, 2010

1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. This season when various faiths traditionally celebrate their holy days and enjoy festivities with family and friends is an especially emotional time. This year it is even...

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Energy Report December 2010

a message from Kate Spreckley

Thursday, 2 December, 2010  (posted 6 December, 2010)

December is shaping up to be a key point in our process of ascension and our ability to manifest Unity Consciousness.  Decem...

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Drunvalo Melchizedek on ETs, Historical Universal Evolution and 2012

This is an amazing interview. I hear stories about the Greys's and inner earth I have never heard of. Absolutely worth watching.


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Your Finger Length Tells All About You!

Finger Length Helps Predict Test Exam Results, Homosexuality, Cancer, Musical Ability and Aggressive Personality -- Study Shows

Your finger length can predict how you will do on various tests in school. They can also tell if you are likely to...

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Patti Labelle – Stir It Up

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Akashic Records For December 2010

a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA

Monday, 6 December, 2010 

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2010?

There is a major infusion of light on the planet this month.&nbs...

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HEAVEN #3663 Love Is Like Snow Falling

God said:

Everything is easy with love. What can be hard when your heart soars with love? What is love but light, and what is light but energy? Smooth is the power of love. Love is an engine that runs smoothly, or love is the fuel that runs th...

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Revitalize cellular energy and slow aging with super nutrients PQQ and CoQ10

by John Phillip, citizen journalist See all articles by this author Email this author

(NaturalNews) One of the hallmarks of aging is a rapid decline in cellular energy. Energy is produced by a complex of small powerhouses inside each cell k...

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December 2010: Culmination and Beginnings

a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera / Karen Murphy

Monday, 6 December, 2010 

Can it be that we have reached the final month of this calendar year? Now is the time that you will look back upon your acc...

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