Date: December 11, 2010


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12:12:12 Violet Flame Cleansing Meditation – Join In!

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Tom Murasso interviews David Wilcock

Thanks to Guest for the link. This is a 2 hour sound only interview with David Wilcock. Absolutely worth attending. Many background info you don't read at his website. Enjoy.


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HEAVEN #3667 Hansel and Gretel

God said:

Remember that you are on Earth at My bequest. It was My idea. This means that you are here for a purpose. You do not have to be able to name your purpose in order to fulfill it. Most do not know the immediate and intimate aims of the...

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An apple a day keeps cell phone and other radiation at bay

by Melissa Sokulski, citizen journalist See all articles by this author Email this author

(NaturalNews) Common foods such as apples, buckwheat, and sunflower seeds strongly protect and detoxify us from radiation. We are constantly exposed to...

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Girls Aloud – Sound Of The Underground

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An Invention of Free Energy: 100 Years Ago!

Roy Meyers' Absorber -- "Free Energy"

by Robert A. Nelson

As planet Earth suffers under the relentless onslaught of ever increasing human consumption, we are becoming increasingly desperate for sources of energy with which to pow...

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Tick Tock

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Wednesday, 1 December, 2010  (posted 8 December, 2010)

Welcome! Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light to the special edition message for 2011 and BEYO...

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12:12 Meditations – AA Metatron

30 November 2010 - 9:07am |  Iza


Beth Trutwin

Greetings! This is Lord Metatron. In the moments before Reunions with our Galactic Family, the Tales are Being told. This is having a...

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Ascension Meditation for Oneness 12:12:12

30 November 2010 - 7:49am |  sensipeter

Start date: 

Repeats every day until Fri Dec 24 2010 .

12 Dec 2010 - 12:12am - 12:24am

13 Dec 2010 - 12:12am - 12:24am

14 Dec...

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