I Russ Michael, am asking all meditation and IMAGE Lightworkers worldwide to participate, to spend 12 minutes daily–starting Dec, 12, 2012–mentally seeing and feeling violet flames cleansing and healing all of , including the cleansing and healing of all Kingdoms of Nature on , as well as human self.

Participants can ask for a photo of a plume, at, and I will be happy to swiftly email each and all who ask a photo of a Violet Flame plume each can study so that the cleansing and healing Violet Ray flame can be easily IMAGED when doing her or his 12 minutes of Violet Flame cleansing and healing work globally–at any desired 12 minute period daily, and as often as desired during each of these 12 consecutive cleansing and healing days…from Dec. 12, 2012 to Dec. 24, 2010.

Many of us will also choose to meditate exactly at 12:00 Noon to 12:12, p.m. or 12:00  Midnight to 12:12 a.m. thus forming a real-timeline collective in our individual worldwide time zones…as this ‘ups’ the !

I am announcing this to my own long time list of more than 3000 daily ‘Michael Worldwide Newsletter’ Lightworker subscribers worldwide, as well as to members of my International 100-, who have already been doing daily IMAGE and Meditation Events with me for several months now–as a worldwide collective–as well as informing all Lightworker and Spiritual ‘List Holders’ in any nation worldwide, including any and all spiritual groups anywhere on Earth who wish to join us in this what promises to be a powerful 12–12–12 twelve day IMAGE event.

Anyone who wishes can read which daily IMAGE event–has been posted for any given day–for our collective scheduled daily 100-Groups events at Website…and are very welcome to join in.

I repeat again, I ASK you–the reader–and all of my worldwide 100 Groups members to IMAGE the personal and group use of this violet flame cleansing method–collectively, on 12-12-12…for12 consecutive days…taking us right up to Night….

Here is the whole December list of daily 100-Groups IMAGE events, including the 12 days from Dec. 12, 2010 to Dec. 24, 2010

PLEASE BROADCAST our collective Worldwide 12–12–12 IMAGE event to everyone. The ‘Power of Collective Human’ thought is immense!

Dec 12 – – 12-12-12…. Violet Flame Earth Cleansing….

Dec 13 – – 12-12-12….

Dec 14 – – 12-12-12….

Dec 15 – – 12-12-12…  (…all the way to Christmas Eve) ….

Dec. 25 – – Love, Power & Joy on Earth…
Dec. 26 – – Health Returns to All….

Dec. 27 – – Unconditional Love Worldwide….

Dec. 28 – – GLOBAL PEACE….

Dec. 29 – – JOY….

Dec. 30 – – Just Laws Implemented for All….

Dec. 31 – – Earth Becomes a Galactic Star Nation….

100-Groups Website VISITORS may download FREE any one, or all of my 22 E-books posted at

Bless us all.  We are OneBe in joy!

I am, Russ Michael, One in Love with All That Is



The Violet Flame: God's Gift to Humanity