Date: December 16, 2010


In the Argentine Tango, being that it is an improvisational dance, there is the space to breathe between the notes. I can hover, while the music plays on, holding steady and listening for the next step to take, then moving to the rhythm again. So like...

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Do Animals Reincarnate?

a message from Kuthumi channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark

Monday, 22 November, 2010  (posted 16 December, 2010)

I Kuthumi greet you once more. I come in request to answer the question "Do animals have mul...

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Interview with Lloyd Pye about the Starchild Skull

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HEAVEN #3672 The Flute of God’s Heart

God said:

There is no stretch in your being that which you already are. To shine fully as you are requires only that you lift the veils of ignorance that have covered up your natural beauty. It is you who covered up your beauty. Now it is you ...

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Spandau Ballet – Through The Barricades

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Reorienting to the New Timeline

a message from Lauren C. Gorgo

Friday, 10 December, 2010  (posted 13 December, 2010)

Holy cow…I don't even know where to begin. I am still screwing my head on straight, so please bear with me as I tr...

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Cayenne Pepper and Cancer

Actually, Cayenne Pepper is good for many illnesses. Personally, I find it very useful to ease headaches (in combination with a lot of pure plain water). But using powdered ones that are for culinary purposes seems not to be very effective. The on...

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