I believe the theme for the coming month is integration of the major downloads we experienced in December 2010. To assist you with that I have presented a picture of a tool, above, that can help you to install and actualize the codes in the downloaded programs. The vibratory frequencies in the picture are a key and a catalyst to the alchemical(transforming) process of accessing the (frequencies) in the downloaded codes which will entrain (raise)your bodies frequencies, resulting in the actualization of this (consciousness ) in your reality.

Folks, the information above is a linear of a non-linear process. The linear will engage the attention of your mind which can’t really understand it, so that your heart can actively participate in the non-linear process without interference.

Click on the picture of the wand to enlarge it. (How’s that for an alchemical transformation! ) Stare at the wand with slightly unfocused or “soft” eyes. Start at one end of the wand and progress to the other end. Take notice of any changes in your perception of your . Some of you will have a feeling or kinesthetic response. A “guickening” or “chills”. Some of you will have a shift in your extrasensory sight. Some of you will hear things. Others will have taste and smell sensations. You could experience all of the former happening together or sequentially. If you are not experiencing anything then you are dead. If you are not dead, then you are just not noticing the changes. Read the first paragraph again to engage your mind, but don’t consciously try to understand the words. Make sure you are breathing (thats not a joke) and view the wand again.

Repeated viewings with intervals between viewings, will help you to both integrate more and perceive more of what is going on with you. If it seems that you are just making your experience up, like a daydream, you are on the right path. If your seems more “real” than your normal waking , you are on the right path. If your dream becomes your normal waking , you are fully integrated and ready for the next downloads. (DEFINITELY NOT A JOKE) If you are ready for the next downloads, but don’t want to wait for them, contact me and I can help you access your next delivery.

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This Intuitive Shamanic Wizard definitely has his stuff together and I enjoy reading his blog great activation work and lightwork. ~Seth