By Neal Slade

I want you to think of the best time you have ever had in your life……..Got it?

Now, multiply that experience, that feeling, times ten. Multiply it times a hundred, or a thousand. Or ten thousand. Or even more.

You can turn on increased creativity, intelligence, pleasure, even ESP and other paranormal abilities as easily as clicking on a light switch. You can have "the best day of your life" over and over, each time better than the last. You may even be able to move clouds and change the weather using the incredible power of your own human infinity machine- your brain.

That is exactly what you will experience- no exaggeration in the least- when you learn how to self-stimulate a part of your brain know as the amygdala. This is not wishful thinking or new-age hocus-pocus. This is what the latest brain and behavior research is now showing us is possible……..for anyone. The method for amygdala self-stimulation is easy, and has been learned by persons ages 6 to 86. The basic method can be learned and taught by anyone, for free. It is democratic in the extreme. You are getting started by reading this article. Results are often immediate, and are accumulative- it gets better the more you do it. Unlike stage magic, this is no illusion. This is real brain magic.

Popping Your Frontals

No surprise that these things are actually possible once you realize
that the three pounds of solid neurocircuitry between every person’s
ears is the most complex structure we know of in the entire universe.
You have more connections in your brain than there are literally grains
of sand on all the beaches on Earth. Carl Sagan has pointed out that in
every brain, your fantastic one included, there are more combinations of
connections than there are protons and neutrons in the universe. Heck, telepathy is nothing for your infinity brain calculator. Provided you know what buttons to push.

Brain Science

New research in the field of brain
and behavior now allows any ordinary person to learn how to control and
self-stimulate their own brain for such results as mentioned above.
Studies by one particular behaviorist and , T.D.A. Lingo,
in his work from 1957 through 1993, has been able to pinpoint this area
of the brain which seems to be responsible for releasing enormous
levels of untapped intelligence, creativity and pleasure. Additionally,
and remarkably so, self-amygdala stimulation frequently additionally
turns on such "hidden" brain functions as pre-cognition, clairvoyance,
clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, and in can even allow the ability
for some individuals the ability to communicate with non-ordinary
physical and non-physical intelligences and entities.

 Lingo conducted a 30-year study of three hundred and nine students and
test subjects involved in long and short-term brain education,
behavioral, and thought self-modification programs. The resultant
increases in intelligence, creativity, and positive emotions were
demonstrated and measured by a variety of objective and subjective
means, standardized tests and analysis methods. Lingo reports that this
included 10 to 40 point increases on the Stanford-Binet I.Q. test, and
500% to 1400% increases on the Getzels-Jackson Creativity Index.
Presently, similar results continue to be reported from individuals from
across the U.S. experimenting and doing brain-self-control on their
own, following the standard procedure and brain "exercises."


Amygdala stimulation directed at the front
or anterior portions of the amygdala apparently can additionally
produce an intense emotional state known historically throughout world
cultures and religions by various names: nirvana, satori, samadhi, born
again, peak experience, cosmic consciousness, one-with-the-universe
rapture. Among brain laboratory subjects this has been affectionately
nicknamed "Popping your frontal lobes."

Now science understands the actual
neuro-pathways and brain physiology responsible for this "mystical"
state, and makes it available to anyone from bus drivers and short-order
cooks, as well fasting monks. Only now, you don’t have to meditate for
twenty years to experience it.


Self-amygdala stimulation increases activity of the brain’s most advanced and evolutionarily most complex structure of the brain- the frontal lobes.
Hold your forehead with one hand. Everything under your palm is your
frontal lobes, the front 1/3 of your brain. The frontal lobes are
further developed in humans beyond all other mammals, save dolphins and
whales (who is to say they are not more intelligent than we? different
perhaps…). The human frontal lobes are exactly what allow us to plan
and devise actions far beyond the capability of lower mammals and apes.
The frontal lobes allow the most advanced behavior:


By deliberately focusing mental energy and activity- a simple
thought process- on the anterior amygdala, this causes an increase in
frontal lobes processes, which instantly causes increased and measurable
levels of intelligence, creativity, pleasure, and often various
"normal-paranormal" experiences. The method can be as simple as
"imaging" a feather tickling the amygdala, which automatically shunts
neurochemical activity forward into the previously "dormant" frontal
lobes. The amygdala can be seen as a gateway click switch, somewhat like
the light switch on your wall. But in your brain, you "click" on the
big light bulb in your frontal lobes.

Russian neurosurgeon Alexandre Luria, along with many
other distinguished researchers have repeatedly shown us that the
frontal lobes are at least 90% dormant, "untapped", unused. Although
some may object to this description of the brain, it is one effective
way of describing the infinite potential of the human brain. We normally
don’t live up to even a fraction of what is available or possible. It
is the great cosmic joke.

Self-amygdala stimulation without electrodes
can be performed by using the brain’s
capacity for guided imagery.

In this day and age, when 6-year-old kids are learning to use complex
computers- nearly all of us have failed to properly learn about the most
complex machine in the universe- our own brain. We are taught how to
drive sophisticated cars, operate complicated tools and appliances, but
nobody ever taught us how our own brain works. We are driving blind.

the less, when an individual learns some very basic things about their
brain, and thus learns some basic brain self-control and
amygdala/frontal lobes control, then one begins to access radical and
overwhelmingly positive changes in function, behavior, and activity. We
start to access more and more of that enormous untapped infinite
potential. We give our brain wings. As one subject stated "This feels
like flying."

recent national radio broadcast on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show
elicited thousands of responses from persons "clicking" their amygdala
forward as brain basics and directions were given over the air,
including the simple "feather tickling" visualization. For many, this
caused immediate dramatic auditory, visual, and physical sensations, as
well as a very remarkable response to a "Cloudbusting" exercise. In the
informal Cloudbusting exercise, "clicking the amygdala forward" is
followed by concentration on a specific cloud in the sky, which is vaporized and disappears within minutes– leaving
surrounding clouds untouched. As unlikely as this sounds, the number of
person’s reporting success at this paranormal use of their brain was
and continues to be extremely impressive as well as great fun!

Mind Music Metamorphosis

A wild mountain man screaming…….he started me on this brain stuff.

write this sitting at an old weather beaten redwood desk looking out a
large picture window facing east. I am 10,200 feet up in a mountain log
cabin, aspen and spruce trees everywhere as far as the eye can see. I
look down on gray and white clouds enveloping the tall rolling green
valley in front of me.

one side of the cabin is a huge 300-foot tall granite cliff. Across the
valley, off in the distance, looms 14,000-foot high Mount Evans. One
hundred miles downrange, Pikes Peak.

scenery from this vantagepoint in the Rockies, is stupendous! I
am at the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory near
Blackhawk, Colorado. My journey here began in 1981. I was watching TV
late one Saturday night in , half-asleep and flipping through the
channels. On a local progressive educational PBS channel, I stopped to
watch a group of people talking about their brain(s) and their
experiences while in the mountains at a unique wilderness laboratory.

leader of the group was a wild looking guy wearing faded blue jeans,
with long hair and a beard. Only later would I learn that he had had
attended four universities, and was anything but a "hippie".
What especially got my immediate attention, and what woke me up, was
the frank and logical manner in which they described some fairly
outrageous and unusual experiences they were having. They described
fantastic and intensely pleasurable daily events. They found creativity
and invention pouring from them effortlessly, like water from a faucet.

all agreed that the key to all of this was having learned how to turn
on previously "uncharted" regions of their brain. If what they were
saying was true, my own brain must have been on hold for most of my
life. After the show ended, the leader of the group appeared with an
interviewer from the station for a live segment. This time the "brain
man" wore a conventional city suit. He spoke with a great deal of
enthusiasm and animation, joking more than occasionally. This was T.D.A.
Lingo (his legal name), and he gave out an address for more

intrigued by this combination of science, nature, and non-convention I
wrote in and received typewritten information about the "Brain In
Nature" course held every summer in the pristine wilderness forest forty
miles west of Denver. I also learned that, according to the latest
neurological opinion, the human brain was at least 90% dormant- hence,
the name "Dormant" Brain Research Laboratory. For the past twenty-five
years (at that time) Lingo had directed a brain and behavior study
facility and school. The main purpose of the program was to discover
exactly why human neurons remained so unused, and what methods would
additionally activate them.

were enclosed for visiting, and so the next weekend I drove up. It
sounded like fun, and an adventure. My first experience at the lab was unforgettable.
Mainly, because the first thing that happened was that I was scolded
severely by the , like some dumb kid, for not reading the
directions carefully. I expected to be welcomed with open arms and
instead had Lingo yelling at me for coming up on the wrong day.

"You didn’t read the instructions," he insisted. "Visitors are allowed
on Sunday, NOT SATURDAY. The first thing you’ll learn up here is to read
the instructions."

and maybe insulted, I was none-the-less encouraged to stay put. As long
as I was already there Lingo figured I might as well see what the place
was all about. Lingo’s history and the evolution of the facility turned
out to be quite amazing, and like nothing I imagined it would be.

story unfolds with Lingo as a spearhead infantry scout for General
Patton’s army in World War II. He experienced the horrors of war from
the front lines, and was one of the soldiers to first to arrive at
’s death camps to liberate the remaining survivors. On his return
home after the end of the war, Lingo attended the University of Chicago
earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in behavioral science and
nearing completion of his Ph.D. His horrific experiences during the war
drove him to ask but one question: "Why must I kill my brother?"

this his school and his professors had no answer. But one professor’s
advice was "If there is an answer to this question, it’s up here," pointing to his own gray head. "The answer has got to be in human brain…….but
the research hasn’t been done yet in academe. If you want to go slow,
work here. If you want to go fast, you’re going to have to build your
own research center to solve that riddle."

Lingo dropped out of his Ph.D. program, and started to scheme how to
put together his own research facility. Unfortunately to do that, one
had to have money, and he had none. But he could tell a good story! He
decided if there was a fortune to be made in a hurry, he might just be
able to do it in show business. Twenty five years later he would wink
"Yep, I bought this mountain and built this place with just a guitar,
three chords, and nine folk songs." And he was right.

started out playing the local joints around Denver and eventually
landed a spot on Groucho Marx’s "You Bet Your Life" television show from
Hollywood. He wore buckskins and played the part of a back woods
mountain man to perfection. It was during that appearance on the Marx
show that a spotted him. "I know a good phony
when I see one," the mogul observed, "And that son of a bitch is a great

Lingo was quickly summoned out to New York City and was immediately
signed to do a summer replacement show on network television. He
hosted a weekly program in which the "new" fad of folk singing (back in
1955) was featured. People like Burl Ives and Woody Guthrie made guest
appearances and performed with him. The network paid him $2,000 an hour
for this lucrative play. On the last show, Lingo looked right into the
camera an asked the million viewers watching "If anybody out there has a
mountain to sell, call me!" And sure enough, once he got off camera,
somebody did.

the end of the summer he took two grocery sacks full of money and ran!
He gave one to the IRS, and he bought "Laughing Coyote Mountain" with
the other. He began to axe timber and build log cabins. That was in
1957. For the next thirty years Lingo dedicated himself totally to
explore behavior from the perspective of the human brain. He and his
staff examined every bit of available scientific research and
philosophic literature they could get their hands on. They ran their own
short and long term studies and experiments. The environment of rugged
mountain wilderness provided a total focus into the self that could
never be replicated in any city or sterile clinical hospital. There was
no (As had insisted in his own Swiss study
retreat), no TV, no movie entertainment. There were no four-lane
highways to get away from it all. You were away from it all- to face only yourself, your mind, and your brain.

To the end of the lab’s operations in 1993, it remained remarkably free
of electrical power lines or even running water. It was just you, the
hand water pump, a wood stove, and your own central nervous system.

brain lab’s records grew and grew. The log buildings became crammed
full with file cabinets. The books lined the walls from the stone floors
to the ceiling rafters eighteen feet up. In the end, Lingo and his
group discovered the mechanisms to release startling new intelligence,
creativity, and pleasure inside the human brain. His conclusions were
original and unmatched by any other research establishment at the time.
Then, and since, his findings are supported and corroborated with
foundation findings by scientists everywhere.

My Own Brain

my first visit to the lab in 1981, I spent the next eleven years
running back and forth between my own home in Denver and the forest
field station. My own personal "experiments", with my own brain, was
guided by the work done at the Dormant Brain Lab. This took the form of
"brain exercises", journal keeping, analysis of activity, and periodic
consultation with the director, and other staff members and
participants. Before long I was assisting Lingo in various assignments
he gave me, organizing city group sessions, information gathering,
organizing lectures, and eventually writing my own books on the subject.

results of my work was breathtaking on many occasions- sitting on the
peak of Laughing Coyote Mountain, with the clearest possible perception
of everything around me- a fifty thousand square mile view of the earth
circle, with incredibly heightened senses and awareness. I learned how
to go far beyond my own limitations, mental and physical, tested by
pulling hundreds of thirty foot tall firewood logs down the labs steep
wooded slopes. I ecstatically felt on many occasions the most powerful
emotional experiences of my life. This might take the form of fantastic
waves of internal energy, or indescribable and spectacular feelings of
unity and balance. Strangely enough, these were more often than not
triggered by simple daily activities- hearing a piece of music, walking
among the trees, discarding a useless notion, or just sitting on my sofa
at home.

I began my investigations into the work at the lab and into how my own
brain worked, my creativity and emotional state might be compared to a
plugged up toilet (even with my degree, magna cum laude)- not to mention
what I observed in most everybody else at the time. Since learning the
basic bio-mechanics of my own human thought motor- utilizing the
discoveries of general neuroscience as well as the brain lab’s own
methods and discoveries, I have written, arranged, performed and
recorded eight albums of original music, some of which has received
national public television and radio airplay. I have written several
books, and I have established an run my own successful musical teaching
and publishing business, sidestepping the 9 to 5 minimum wage-slave
labor syndrome. My social relationships have gone from amazingly
disastrous in pre-brain days, to harmonious and highly entertaining. The
simple ABC’s of "how the human brain works" has had nothing short of a
miraculous effect on my daily life. And as for the miracles of
paranormal telepathy and pre-cognition- they have become rather
commonplace for me after many years of clicking my amygdala forward and
turning on magical frontal lobes circuits.

The crux of the program
at the brain lab hinged on voluntary self-control of one particular
section of the human brain, a trigger site or neuro-gateway for
intelligence, pleasure, and creativity: the anterior amygdala. The brain
has two of these organs, one for the right hemisphere of the brain, the
other for the left side. Each amygdala is about the size of an almond, a
small knobby protuberance about one inch inside each temple in the
brain- a part of the brain’s limbic system. Various researches have
found that stimulation of this part of the brain results in automatic
responses of pain or pleasure- depending which part of the amygdala is
stimulated. Simple electrical anterior amygdala stimulation shuts off
the "killer instinct" and results in automatic responses of cooperative
and pleasurable behavior.

Self-amygdala stimulation without electrodes can be performed by using the brain’s capacity for guided imagery.

For example, by simply imagining
that you are tickling the front part of each amygdala with a feather,
you change the flow of electro-chemical activity in the brain- and
voila! This clicks the amygdala forward, if only temporarily.

imaging alone increases frontal lobes activity and begins increases in
creativity, intelligence, and so on. The more frequently you tickle,
the more you click, the more pronounced the results. These changes are
measurable by modern brain scanning medical instruments such as PET and
MRI machines. The brain is a thought machine- and thus, one controls the
brain and it’s electro-chemical circuitry with simple thought.
(No surprise there!) This simple exercise properly done often brings
immediate results, with sometimes very pronounced effects. The brain lab
developed hundreds of methods that further refined, accelerated,
supercharged, and make permanent the results.

a person learns how to internally stimulate the amygdala and
voluntarily increase frontal lobes processes at will, it can eventually
result in a very intense peak phenomenon known as "frontal lobes
transcendence" or "popping your frontal lobes". This occurred regularly
at the brain lab where all the distractions of a typically hectic or
neurotic life were minimized, or where subjects and students received
sufficient training. For myself, this first occurred on September 11,
1987 while sitting in the control room at a recording studio. It was
just about the last thing on my mind. Generally, this phenomenon can’t
be predicted exactly- more like when a soap bubble is ready to pop.

is it like to pop your frontals? Imagine you are sailing in a rickety
wooden boat in 1492, looking for , lost in the middle of an endless
ocean for what seems like an eternity. Everybody, including yourself,
is just waiting for you to fall off the edge of the planet into
oblivion. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere……


That’s something like what popping your frontal lobes feels like. Only, it’s really happening, and it’s happening to YOU. NOW.

persons have compared popping their frontal lobes to feeling as though
they were flying through the cosmos at the speed of light, or feeling
the power of a train blasting through their head (pleasurably so) at 120
miles an hour. Or as one adult student put it, "a million times better
than the best sex." It all depends on your personality and your
preferences. After your first (they keep happening) frontal lobes "big
bang" things are never quite the same again. You begin looking
through a mental windshield that is clean for the first time since you
were a little kid. My college education and ten years of meditation and
yoga practice never prepared me for this.

has nature provided the human brain with this emotional fireworks
rocketship blast? Nature is smart. Your brain wants you to survive. When
you use more of your brain and access more of your brain’s potential
specifically located in the most advanced part of your brain- your
frontal lobes- your chances of survival in this rough world skyrocket.
Sustained and intense pleasure is exactly how neurocircuits in various
sites within the brain motivate and reward the individual for frontal
lobes advanced survival thought production. Free and legal. Use enough
frontal lobes- and you hit the jackpot.