By Juan von Trillion

Part 1: Anomalous Physics Of Luna

Just look at it, the Moon. It should not be there at all. Level-headed
people who have studied things say that the Earth’s moon is the biggest
anomaly of the solar system, admitting they have no clue as to why it is
there. For one, it is too big a moon for such a small planet like Earth.

The duo of them is more of a bi-planetary system than a planet-plus-a-moon.
A quick look at comparative planet and moon sizes in the solar
system is all it takes. Moon is way too big. It should not be larger than 40
miles or so, but it is over 2,000 miles in diameter. It is the size of the US,
and not the size of Maui.

The Cassini probe’s view from Mars.
Its camera was not intended for such a shot, hence it is not sharp. Still, a great image.

Luna moves on an almost perfectly circular orbit around Earth, not an
elliptical orbit. And much too close to Earth. On top of this, it always
shows its same side, with only very very slight variations. While the Moon
travels once around the Earth, it rotates exactly once — not more, not
less. If it were not exactly once, we would eventually see the far side (not
the cartoon), but we don’t. This is, of course, how else could it be,

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