1 Dec 2010 – 6:45pm

Greetings. This is . All of you reading this are Members of
the of the . You are witnessing the vast wide
sweeping Ascension of . It is unfolding before your eyes.
Each One of you are experiencing that which you call to yourself to
expand with the Ascension. Your Guides work closely with you. They watch
your conversations, your choices and where you repeatedly place your
energy. You may receive a nudge that you should move in a different
direction. If you are asking for Guidance everyday, you will receive
more than a nudge, maybe a situation which seems like a coincidence or a
long waited for dream comes true. These are signs you are listening,
have right relationships and are following your Guidance. 

There is a
Divine Law which is working on you at all times, whether you are aware
of it or not. If you do not use the gifts, the nudges, your talent, as
it has been shared by the Universe, then it will all be taken away from
you. As you focus bliss into your energy, creativity, and generosity to
the World, so the same and more is returned to you.
It is seen in the western world that many have difficulty connecting
with their Heart Mission. Some feel there will be a job description and
company manual. They wait, wait, wait, for this western model to show
up. Many of you have multiple incarnations on other Planets and you will
pull yourself off the smart phone just as Ashtar ushers in your
Shuttlecraft, and not concern yourself too much with spiritual pursuits
before then.
It is the downfall of the imbalance of spiritual teaching, predominantly
in the west, which has many asking questions about turning things
around in the abundance realm; when will I have a job, how can I
generate more money, should I pursue that which has not worked making
money before?
These are traps of the programming which is a cost of living in the
western world. It is a very important part of the Earth experience to
come up through the matrix programming and clear it for the rest of the
Many of you, if you did not have a job you HAD to show up for, if you
did not live in the cement jungle, these questions would not be your
burning questions.
Much has been taught in the spiritual circles about the flower of life,
the seed of life, the tree of life. These are all fractals one over the
other of the Great Divine Blueprint. There is a specific spiritual
pattern to accomplishing abundance of all forms. There is a recipe for
the cookbook. It is Indivisible. It is Universal. Gratitude,
Forgiveness, Focus, Intensity, Truth, Pure Consciousness, Bliss and Love
are key ingredients. Not much time is devoted to these, in the
combinations and forms needed to move ahead, to have abundance, to
anchor in the siddhas. Many of the questions of WHEN and HOW could be
answered if more time were taken to encourage and nurture these
ingredients into your life recipe for happiness.
Magic and Alchemy require the secrets be unlocked of these Greater
Understandings. It is not easy to allow magic in if you never take a
walk outside, stretch your body, gaze at the sun, sit next to a
tree….even the most expert spiritual person is given to forget these
things in the western world.
As you sit quietly, take a few cleansing deep breaths. Feel the energy
of your third eye open and expand. Know this is raising the chemicals in
your brain. The Throne of the 20 plus 4 ignite releasing the gold dust
which can transport you out of your crown, out to outer Space and
beyond, just with a few breaths. Now feel joy and bliss flooding your
cells. This is the meaning behind the Divine Blueprint which is formula
in the Adam Kadmon electromagnetic and crystalline harmonic called the
Human Body. It is designed to be an instant connection to HOME. You must
unplug from the news cycles, the chatter of internet, programming of
buy buy buy, the constant pull of a schedule which is always over
scheduled. As you tune into Bliss with a few deep breaths, as your
Perfect Body is a Multidimensional Travel Unit into Itself, then some of
the other questions will have little importance to you. If you are
asking these questions today, I challenge you to examine your life and
ask yourself, Where am I putting my FOCUS, one of the key ingredients of
the recipe?
I would like to share a story. There was a Mother who was out of town on
Saturday and went to the Cathedral for her weekly confession with the
priest. She had her young daughter along. She was nervous realizing in
this larger church she was confessing to the Bishop. She said her
prayers and confessed as a Mother of 4 children, all under the age of 5
she sometimes lost her temper and snapped at the kids. That was her main
transgression she struggled with. Just then, her little girl, clicking
the heels of her shiny shoes repeatedly against the wooden pew, yelled,
‘Mommy, What Are You Doing In That Closet’? The Holy Man said, ‘I
wouldn’t worry about it.’ This old man-made outdated programming of
western traditions which are called religion no longer serve Earth
Ascension. Some of you are experiencing constant impatience and you snap
easily. Some are the little girl who has no idea about the deeper
meanings of spirit and constantly feels we should just hurry up and get
over it. These thought patterns born of societies’ programming of you
since birth stand between you and Ascension.
Earth needs you now. The Star Fleet Academy is calling for Volunteers.
It is not enough to stay up-to-date on the computer and walk around
Awake. It is necessary that you pursue BLISS. Until you have integrated
BLISS into all parts of your life, you truly have nothing. No abundance
in any area of life will come without BLISS. You are looking for a job,
money, better relationships…find Bliss, all you are looking for is one
second behind Bliss. Bliss grows more Bliss. Man-made religions of the
west, designed for programming war, tend to leave out that tiny detail.
Where to begin? Why are you here? Look for that answer as your
beginning. What gifts do you have to share with humanity? If being there
for your children every single day with a warm meal and a hug is your
greatest gift, it will last for generations to come. It CAN BE as simple
as that. What is it that burns in your heart everyday which you desire
doing more than anything else? Do It, repeatedly. It CAN BE as simple as
When you follow your Hearts Mission, with consistency, with focus, with
intensity….when you will do ANYTHING, EVEN IF IT IS HARD, to accomplish
your Highest Good, then abundance follows.
You may want to add some missing ingredients to your life recipe, yoga,
chanting, sun-gazing, vegetarianism, prayer, meditation. Adding the
spices of life helps change things. The Adam Kadmon will respond by
pulsing out a high vibration to your family and friends, to the Kingdoms
on Earth; plants, animals, minerals, the magical kingdoms, to Other
Planets and Out to the Cosmos. This pulsing acts as a fractal twirling
around as new creation, becoming very small, penetrating the next
dimension and becoming large again, and again. This pulse returns from
Creation and brings more Bliss, more Abundance, more Balance, more
Happiness. This is a good place to start as you continue with fulfilling
Earth Ascension. Thank you for continuing on the Path with Great Love.
You are Never Alone. Call the Archangels to take you to that next step
and push yourself to do those things which are uncomfortable and must be
done. You have unlimited Assistance and Love. PEACE Beloved Ones.
Metatron Addressing the Questions:
Metatron..Why are we still suffering?
Are we to accept that suffering does not exist? Would this help to end
the suffering of humanity?
Suffering is a side-effect of buying into the programming of lack and
As you Believe in Peace and Abundance as your reality, you no longer
take in lack and suffer no more.
I would like to know if planet earth will have a polar shift in 2011/12 .
If so, how should we prepare for it?
On the Internet is a small community of Starseeds who have been
programmed into believing there will be a pole shift. This is an old
program which has been cancelled long ago. ANYTHING which brings FEAR is
simply not true, a programmed false flag. If you FEEL FEAR at the
words, chant to yourself, IT IS NOT TRUE.
Will this event/change/announcement/disclosure that we are all strongly
anticipating come to us in a literal sense, i.e. an announcement on TV,
or more like a gradual shifting in perception or "knowing"? Will this
occur over time or in a day? Will this happen to each individual
differently or will everyone experience the same thing at the same time?
Everyone wants to know when everything is going to happen, of course.
The galactics are always saying "soon" "eminent" " "any second now" and
so forth. Are we waiting for some big changes to happen before
12/21/2012 so that we can work on the planet to get it ready for
ascension around 12/21/2012? Or are the 12/21/2012 changes going to
happen "any second now" because we have already past 12/31/2012
according to the real time Mayan Calendar? Are we waiting things to
happen all at once or in a sequence?
The raising of Consciousness happens to each individual at different
rates of speed. It is directly related to the amount each individual
allows themselves to experience. Ashtar has given his requirements, as
has the Admiral, Lord Sananda, for Announcements and Full Galactic
Disclosure. Only these two Command how and when these Events will
happen. Ashtar has said it is a sequential flow of events: Arrests,
Decloakings, Announcements, in that order. One cannot come before the
other. When it happens it will be witnessed simultaneously by all on
Earth. This has been prophesied through many religions for thousands of
years. How and When are up to Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda alone,
Commanding the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation, with the
Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.
What is my employment going to be as I reinvent myself? Where will this
new spiritual direction take me? I seek Love & Light during this new
spiritual journey, what can I expect?
You alone determine your employment. It is where you place your life
force. If you are paid or unpaid, your employment is determined by how
you spend each minute of the day. Focus on this question within.
Whatever you are doing at the moment you read this IS your employment.
If you would like to see this change, simply spend your life force in
some other area as you reinvent yourself. There is an old saying which
cannot be repeated enough: Follow Your Joy.
So since arrest are almost complete we should next be looking for
decloakings correct followed by announcements right so me question
is—how long after announcements until landings take place or until i
can go for a ride in a spacecraft 🙂
It has been told by Ashtar for a long time that landings can be expected
7-10 days after decloakings. This is a Command that is left up to
Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda alone.
Sandy Lee:
What can I do to allow my healing to prove to my family that things are
not what they seem. I wish to help them start on a new path to the new
way of seeing that awareness is a beautiful thing. It is easier to teach
when they see positive results. Right now, they think I am daft..…
You cannot prove anything to your family until you prove it to yourself.
When you are healed no one will stand over you, judging, asking ‘when
you will be healed’?
You cannot prove it to yourself until you understand WHY you are
experiencing the need for healing. Above all, realize it has a specific
teaching for your life. You may desire an instant healing, and in some
cases, it goes against your soul contract. Remember, anything you are
experiencing you agreed to. Health imbalances play an important role in
our development and to the relationships in our lives.
When it is ripe time, when you have achieved the Highest Good from the
Blessing of the Illness, then you may be healed. Then you will prove you
were right all along.
What the best way to do my job here and now,for Goodness of everybody
and me?
You are already doing it. You are a bright cheerful woman, who is awake
and aware. Everyday you work at helping those around you to feel good
about themselves. You are holding the Light in a dark world and as you
express love to others in everyday life you assist in Earth Ascension.
As you go about your mundane activities allow joy to be your reward. As
you feel joy, continue on THAT PATH where you are feeling joy and you
will always be experiencing the Highest Goodness for everybody and you.
What is meant by “sweeping away of the Dragons”?
The Dragons are a form of the Reptilian People. The Reptilian People
come in many forms, snakes, crocodiles and dragons, to name a few. When a
Reptilian-Human hybrid shape shifts into its AVATAR, often, it looks
like a Dragon. Many of the dark time traveling Anunaki Intergalactic War
Criminals take on the form of a Dragon. This has been spoken of in many
religious literature around the world. This is not to be confused with
Magical Dragons which work with the Elemental Spirits of our World and
Will the pole shift and the terra forming of Gaia happen at relatively
the same time? I’ve heard for a long time that Gaia has to be returned
to the Garden of Eden for us to be in the frequencies of the New Earth.
So I’m imagining that the pole shift & terra forming, at least the
main parts of it, happen before 2012. Thank You.
The pole shift is cancelled. What is happening now is the raising of
Atlantis and Lemuria. The frequent low level daily Earthquakes are a
demonstration of the changing Terra Forming which is ongoing. It is
already happening. In many cases, if you are not out on a deserted
island taking pictures every few seconds, to compare the frames, you
cannot see it. There are frequent occasions, evidenced on youtube, of
new land masses forming instantly before your eyes. These videos are
TRUTH. As Earth moves into the Etheric Dimnension New Earth is formed.
It is all happening as it should be, all around you, everyday. It is an
Evolutionary process which happens in the lower Dimensions and so
therefore, there will not be a completion date.
I am seeking reasons for my slowing in recovery of my Stroke. in 2002 I
have tried and still trying meditation, Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Pranic
Healing ,Quantum Touch,Jen Shin Jitsyu as well as Accupuncture and
Accupressure. There has been very little improvement on my terms; from
the left arm frozen & clenched fist to holding a ball & resting
my left arm around my waist. There has been a slow reduction of stress
as well as lowering of my Blood Pressure without massive medication. Any
help or insight you could give would be greatly appreciated.
As you exist in the perceived broken body version of you, it makes you
into an example for your family and friends and strangers on the street.
As you pursue goodness for healing, it examples the spiritual principle
of never giving up. As you believe in yourself and demonstrate Faith
faithfully, it inspires those around you to Wake Up, Be Happy,
Demonstrate Gratitude and Work Hard! Job well done accomplishing this
Mission! As the Ships come, the technology will be there for a Complete
Healing. At that moment, you will tell those close to you: See!!! I told
you so! In that now you will open up to your New Mission and receive
many gifts as the reward for bearing this imbalance so well. You
designed it to be so.
I feel as if I have stepped away from my soul’s purpose yet I know I
have done what must be done and made decisions that were meant to be
made at this time. There is a new direction coming for me and if there
is any guidance to be offered by Metatron it would be most appreciated.
Often those who have deep understanding feel hampered by the 4th
Dimension of Time. One main part of your Mission has been to repeat
things again and again as your breatheren Wake Up. It begins to feel
like a treadmill. With the Earth changes now new potentials come into
view. Your life is about to become so much more exciting!
I would like to know what can we the lightworkers expect our life to be
like after disclosure and nesara becomes a part of our reality?
If One keeps the same small-minded thoughts, it will be the same. If One
chooses to remain behind, it will essentially be the same. If you step
up to the challenge of receiving your gifts and sharing them with
humanity, it will be the same and more fun (assuming you are doing that
now). It will be more fun because there are more gifts. When Disclosure
and NESARA become our reality there will be great relief, more love, and
more gifts to share. It is when the REAL work begins.
Ist are you familiar with the terra papers by robert morningsky? Anyone
affiliated with ra is a traitor to the human race at the very least. His
memory erasing to claim being the only god is blasphemous, and alot of
lightworkers i know use his law of one series. Is that book true? The
terra papers? Next why is everybody trying to cash in on the law of
attraction (abraham, esther hicks). I notice they never divulge any true
history of us or earth. Anyway, I am unemployed living in a duplex this
real estate jerk conned me into buying, my current tenant wont pay his
rent, months behind. I fill out one application after another and
nothing happens. I try to say positive things because of the so called
law of attraction, and I’ve been at it for 3-4 years, and i am no better
off whatsoever, why is that? Why cant the true history of our race and
the planet be told, why cant the truth be told. Is it really just a game
cause we got bored in paradise, or does the draconian reptilian,
anunnaki alliances really in control of our reality, trapping us here in
mind body and spirit? If so why not let your galactics free us from
this cruel reality of suffering and disappointment? Afterall, you have
the knowledge and the technology, at least most of you higher beings do
anyway. And why is it some privileged people can communicate, and for
some make a pretty profitable income channeling info (april crawford).
Are we not all equal? What about 2012? A new earth, two new earths in
different dimensions, pole shifts? Is the planet nibiru really real or
hogwash, I mean you should easily answer these from you’re higher
perspective. Finally, why am I here? I’ve asked that a million times yet
get no answer. And if we have angels and spiirt guides, with my
freewill permission to communicate with me, none of them do, none of
them, its as if they are make believe, and that contradicts my freewill
to know. I have worked and studied really diligently in this lifetime
and i am almost broke, 2 degrees, 6 years in us army, and i really don’t
have anything, don’t even know what i am going to do. I acknowledge
this life in this existence is full of mysteries and I for one am sick
of them, why cant the truth be told?
Well, you have said a mouthful. Where to begin? Yes, the Planet Niburu
is really real. It entered into Earth Atmosphere back when folks in the
news were calling it Hale Bopp Comet. Mother Sekhmet is the Commander of
Niburu. It is a Ship with many levels holding millions of crew, trees,
mountains, and more than likely you have visited it in your night work,
or you wouldn’t ask.
The TRUTHS are written and need to be read. Obviously you cannot go to
Barnes and Noble and expect to come out with TRUTH? Maybe a coffee table
book or something for dummies? You may read the Bhagavad Gita, the Dead
Sea Scrolls, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, but how will you understand
them? Will reading the words alone bring the enlightenment you desire?
Will you receive enlightenment with the Law of One? The Law of
Attraction? What are the REAL answers!?!
As anything in the Universe, one must begin with Truth, Pure
Consciousness and Bliss. There is nothing else. No amounts of reading,
education, jobs or material possessions will bring you to your Mission
like that of Truth, Pure Consciousness and Bliss. Why super-analyze
those things which are not serving the other three?
Why are you here can only be answered by you. I could offer an answer
which would be true this now moment, but it would only be a portion of
the truth as your Mission elevates and evolves. As you sit unhappy,
yelling at the sky, the Angels cannot penetrate your displeasure. The
Angels and the Truth is free to all equal in humanity. It is accessed
through love, through bliss, through happiness. As you learn to sit
quietly, humbly, in love, the Angels whisper to you. As you act on the
whispering, a conversation begins. As you uphold LOVE, FORGIVENESS and
UNDERSTANDING more Angel messages come and it is followed by MORE TRUTH.
I live in South Africa and South Africa is under Black rule. The concern
I have has to do with the stance of the South African political leaders
toward the conditions that the enactment of NESARA will impose on them
and the likely posture they will bring to bare as they also will not
easily give up their stranglehold on this land and continent.
Any politician who is working with the dark forces, any politician who
has committed crimes against humanity will be arrested. This is in every
country around the World. NESARA Law will not be enacted until those on
Earth have raised their consciousness to a place where they may have
their blessings and use them wisely on a Planet without war and
corruption. After arrests there will be new elections and only Those of
the Light will remain on Earth. With cooperation from all Nations
working together, NESARA Law will be carried out to help humanity grow
to a new level and there will be 100,000 years of Peace.
Could you ask Metatron for a natural and effective cure for cancer?
There are many books written about natural cures for cancer. These books
span diet, herbs, aesthetic practices and belief systems. All of these
natural cures work. The problem with curing cancer is It Must Be The
Right Timing and it must be The Highest Good For All in order for there
to be a cure. There would not be disease, if not for a reason of growth
in the Soul.
Exactly "how" will individuals be transferred to 4th density life during
the transition and what will become of those that are staying for now
in 3rd density?
The fourth Dimension is TIME. When the Timeline Ends, the 4th Dimension
we function in now with calendars and clocks, does not exist because the
point of Now where we stand will be the Etheric Dimension, also known
as the 5th Dimension. For those remaining behind on the 3rd Dimension,
life will remain essentially unchanged. Those on the 5th Dimension will
have the ability to travel between the 5th and 3rd Dimensions and
experience the differences.
Delta Programing, how can we break it for all mankind ? Do some of us
have the codes/keys to do this ?
Is the Delta Programing holding all the other militant programing
together ? And once it falls do the others programs
falls ?
When Earth Ascension culminates in World Peace it breaks all Delta
Programming. The Ones who are now programmed will have a difficult
choice of returning to LOVE or not. If anyone is unable to Forgive
themselves and Love themselves, they cannot move on to 5th Dimensional
Earth. The Delta Programming makes it very difficult for these Ones.
However, the high energies of Love penetrating Earth now are penetrating
the essence of the God Cell of these Ones making it easier than ever to
return to Love. Send them MORE love now to assist them in their
transition, whatever that may be. Thank them for playing the role they
have played, Respect them and Praise them for a job well done.
My question is about the Separation of Worlds. Will this happen at zero
point? Before or after the announcements & decloakings? The
following quote was part of the recent AA Uriel channeling:
None shall die; there will only be a re establishment that all may be
given fair chance to ascend.
The Separation of Worlds means Earth will enter new Higher Dimensions.
All Planets have representations on different Dimensions, some are
existing on the 5th, 9th and 12th Dimensions now as we speak. Some will
express their physicality on Earth. Some will express their physicality
on Dracos. Some will express their Light Stream in Higher Dimensions.
None die, eh? That is a trickie phrase, it is a ‘dumbing down’ of the
explanation to make the immature Ones happy that all is okie dokie in
the Universe. It is time now to understand we are multi Dimensional
Beings able to experience different Dimensions, different Planets,
different Lifetimes, simultaneously!
Please ask Metatron how I can break this cycle of Unemployment.
Look for employment in places you never dreamed of before. Stop looking
for a job. Go within, decide on a new tactic and follow it with great
reverence and passion. You are meant to do something COMPLETELY
different now, and not all that different.
I’m just wondering who the souls are who are not Lightworkers, who are
not seeming to "get it". who are lagging behind in their spiritual path?
Where are they from and /or why did they come here at this time if they
are not on the evolutionary path to higher realms?
Perhaps we should chase all the rats off the Ship and we could float up
to Ascension and be done with the darkness? Some are in Haiti dying of
cholera, an easily treated ailment. Do you think they spend their time
thinking about the higher realms? Some do, some don’t, just like in the
US and everywhere else. The dark shows off the light. If you did not see
darkness you would not know to look FOR THE LIGHT. Why are they here?
They TAUGHT YOU to think about the higher realms.
It was announced at the beginning of this year and during this year from
the unseens that all disclosures would be disclosed during the year
2010. Will they? How long before we change the governments? How long
before the St. Germain payouts are sent? Finally, how long before mass
As long as it takes to treat each individual Soul on great Mother Gaia
with LOVE.
Lord Metatron . I`m curios about this black thing that I see sometimes
wen I meditate .Its little scary sometimes ..and also I you’d be please
if you add something , that you want to now 🙂
This black thing is a Paschat and an Angel. It is showing up in your
meditations as an invitation to communicate. Try speaking to it, follow
it, see where it leads to. You are making very good progress, keep
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