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Repeats every day until Fri Dec 24 2010 .

12 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am

13 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
14 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
15 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
16 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
17 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
18 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
19 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
20 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
21 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
22 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
23 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
24 Dec 2010 – 12:12am12:24am
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Beginning on December 12, 2010 and for 12 straight days, we are
gifted a gracious opportunity to come together as we strengthen our
ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies as one
synergistic beam of and transforming .
This will be during the greatest concentrated period of love and joyous
celebration upon the within the energies of the triple gateway,
the solstice and fullmoon eclipse till !
For 12:12, Humanity is sponsoring a global meditation on Universal Oneness.
It will be for reconnecting our vibration with the symphony of the Cosmos – the .
It is an understanding of the Ultimate Oneness: Oneness with All That Is.
We would ask each of you to spend a few minutes on 12 December remembering your connection with God / Source / All That Is.

We share instructions for the attached meditation below under comments with a thankful heart for your participation.

The of springs forth from our hearts, with the pure
intention to Heal Humanity and reconnect with the Symphony of
Each Soul is a Note of Light in the Music of the Spheres. 
Together, we weave the Melody of Creation.  If we are to co-create a
New Earth, we must learn to Sing with the Harmony of the Stars.
Our Song of Love can flood the Earth like a rising tide:  releasing old
paradigms of Fear and Duality, and allowing ourselves to Ascend to the
higher vibrational levels of Unconditional Love and Oneness with All
That Is. 
Sing your Light to shine bright, dispelling Darkness and Fear, so that
our children may know true Peace and a world of Harmonious Balance.

Our Bodies are the of the Earth.
Our Souls are the Light of the World.
When we raise our vibration through the Song of Ascension, our Light will shine forth.
And our Good Work will be the co-creation of a better world.

The 12:12 activation on December 12th is an
opening that can provide a softening of the heart in order to receive
the all-inclusive .

This powerful Light of the Christ becomes available in a way that
allows all beings willing to open their hearts to receive Divine Love.
As this Love permeates the atmosphere, it encourages a new level of
transformational healing, with the recognition that Love is the
greatest healer there is.
Be sure to set aside time that day, especially when the clock says 12:12, to receive Divine Love.

Join with others to bring more Healing Light and Love to those in need.
As the planet receives this download connection to the Christ
Consciousness, the potential for evolutionary leaps becomes more

Make the leap!

Blessed BE.

Unity Consciousness

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