As I spent the last few days watching long time friends and business
associates simply divorce me and leave me scratching my head, I could
only sit back and ask God… what is happening. This was his reply:

Be in the moment, for nothing else exists. It is only in the moment
the clarity of your own vision will emerge. That which has held you back
will be released, that which will propel you forward, will be added. Be
open to let go and receive. ALL will be revealed in each new moment.

The line that echoed in my heart all day long was Be open to let go
and receive. Everything that 2011 is about, is contained (primarily)
within that very simple yet profound sentence. That let go and receive
is synonymous with each other.

If you are not willing to let go of what you think you are here to
do, then you are not open to receiving what you are here to do. If you
are clinging to a relationship that has expired, you are not open to
receiving the relationship that will propel your forward. If there is
any part of your life that seems stuck and not filled with excitement
and joy, then look to see what you are NOT letting go of, because it is
you who is blocking what you need to receive.

Another thing I came to clearly understand in my reflection of what
is transpiring in my own personal life and the new people (what spirit
is now lovingly referring to as its "Dream Team") aligning with
our/spirits 2011 project (entitled: Empowering The People By Remembering
how to access and turn on The Lost Codes of ) if you are doing
anything in life simply to make money…. you are going to find some
serious challenges awaiting your release of that old mindset.

However, if your focus is on helping the greater good simply because
you can… you will find money pouring in from directions you couldn’t
even dream of. Trust me, spirit knows the internal difference within

We can no longer build the new world, even if we are talking simply
about our own personal lives, in the old way. We are all going to be
pushed way beyond our "comfort zones" this year, might as well start
breathing thru it now. True personal growth only exists outside of your
comfort zone, and 2011 is requiring we all grow into our fullness! No
more hiding behind a safety net, for even that will fall away if you are
separated from the trust of your inner guidance…. for the greater
good of all.

Wondering how this new energy is going to unfold in your own life’s
story? One day at a time. No more 5 year plans, this is an energy that
requires you to live in the moment, accept, embrace and energize what
the moment is showing you and only then, in your next new moment will
more details be revealed. You cannot just hold it, you must be
proactive within it!

Our guides give us the confidence to start this tiny little project,
the moment you get comfy with this new direction and put energy into it,
they expand the project, until it becomes something you would have
never even dreamed of!

2011 is truly the year when spirit gets to come and dance on the
earth in its/their fullness. It is up to us to prepare the ground of
spirits arrival, we absolutely MUST get out of what we think we know and
allow spirit to provide the direction and then energize that with
action. We don’t have to understand it, we just have to trust what is
coming to us.

Together, we are the Light of the world and the creators of our dreams…. for we ARE SPIRIT!

With utter humbleness and willingness,