Actually, Cayenne Pepper is good for many illnesses. Personally, I find it very useful to ease headaches (in combination with a lot of pure plain water). But using powdered ones that are for culinary purposes seems not to be very effective. The ones that are sold as a supplement or the ones that are still whole (not powdered or already chopped in pieces) are more effective.
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by Wellness Warrior on June 30, 2010

In a medical discussed in March
2006 by the American Association for Cancer Research, it was reported
that capsaicin is able to kill cells by forcing them to
undergo . The study says capsaicin, “… has a profound
antiproliferative effect on prostate cancer cells, inducing the
apoptosis of both androgen receptor-positive and -adverse prostate
cancer cell lines…&;

Furthermore, the identical examine says, “… Our data means that
capsaicin, or a associated analogue, might have a task within the
administration of prostate cancer.”

As reported by the British Broadcasting Community, a study conducted
on the University of Nottingham in England suggests as well that
capsaicin is able to trigger “self-suicide” or apoptosis in lung- and
pancreatic-cancer cells.

Studies performed in showed pure capsaicin inhibits the expansion of leukemic-cancer cells as well.

Capsaicin Defined

So just what is capsaicin? Capsaicin is the key part of peppers of
the Capsicum genus of the Solanaceae family. Cayenne pepper is a
prominent member of that family.

Capsaicin is a capsaicinoid. It is a secondary metabolite chemical
compound that strongly activates your chemoreceptor nerve endings and
your mucous membranes — that is why you notice the warmth of such hot
chili peppers or cayenne pepper.


You don’t need to know the biochemistry behind cayenne pepper to get
the overall health benefits of cayenne pepper or capsicum as it’s
generally called. Cayenne pepper is an outstanding medicinal spice that
has quite a lot of exceptional medical uses including nourishing the
heart, stopping coronary heart attacks, cleaning the blood, stopping
tooth decay, cleansing your arteries, and even healing .

And now medical science has confirmed it is a main deterrent in
stopping prostate, lung, pancreatic and leukemic cancer. Medicinal herbs
can be quite remarkable and cayenne pepper is no exception