Okay, I didn’t mention extraterrestrial disclosure in the title. Maybe if I had just said extraterrestrials or aliens in the title the other things would have been included by default. But Do you realize how true that really is? My guess is that about half of you reading this have not really integrated how much extraterrestrials have influenced you. If you have in any way considered yourself as being created in the image of God, but have not integrated in your being that these “Gods” are extraterrestrials, time to take off the blinders and look around. Its in your DNA. So get used to the idea.

I’m not going to go over all the evidence for and about this. You can it. Sure, there is a lot of disinformation out there, but its like that Fairy Tale the Bible. The underlying structure is true, but the authors took a lot of literary and creative license. It was after all written by man, and man has a tendency to embellish and add extra drama to stories as they are passed around. Especially if the is choosing to get something in return from the reader in terms of money, fame, and power, etc. So if you insist in reading the “book” wherever it came from, treat it as a novel and enjoy the . Learn what you can from it. Enjoy it. If it fills you with real fear about anything, read or listen to something else.

If you are reading about gods that are wrathful, controlling, demanding obedience, acting out revenge, etc (all the juicy human traits) you can be sure you are not dealing with the of all that is. You are dealing with your ancestors. They may have developed or “created” the you inhabit, but they did not create what inhabits the body, YOU.

Why am I bringing this up? You will soon be confronted with your creator “Gods” in the flesh. Not your parents (even if your parents do claim you are really something alien) but decedents of your original body creators. The story gets complicated so I’m not sharing the history. Besides the electricity keeps going out so I have to finish this post. (OMG is this bad aliens trying to stop me from posting the truth? Illuminati? Mercury Retrograde?  Nah! WNC snow storm!)(Yeah, but,but ….. what if its all that stuff!)

Long story short, stay in your . That’s always the answer. When you meet up with these folks or their representatives, perceive if they are coming from their hearts (sharing energy). energy is all the same across the universe. If you are focusing on something that isn’t radiating energy, (ok, Love) focus somewhere else.

I can help you access Higher Frequency Light to assist in your and integration. This only works when I share . If you think you can’t tell when a being is coming from their heart, (sharing ) sign up for a session with me. Its good practice for experiencing an extraterrestrial sharing heart energy.