Yesterday I attended an event at The Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. It was presented by David Chim and Dahvid Weiss. Both of these guys work/play with sound. Any wonder I was attracted to this? The Light Center is a dome structure dedicated to using light and sound and prayer (is there any difference in these?) to raise frequency. Its been there for over 30 years. David Chim is a tone master. He lead us in the use of sacred Hebrew word/sounds which we vocalized to raise our vibration. It Worked! Dahvid provided us with the sacrament of extremely high frequency chocolate elixir to stimulate our pineal glands. (A real poke in the third eye!) He also played gem stone bowls of different tones while leading us in a process of toning our own tones. It worked! Or should I say played?

The real reason I attended was because of the coming solstice/full moon/eclipse. Three separate events that are happening together. This has not happened in this way for over 300 years. And the vibratory environment has never been what it is now. At least not for this planet! Many folks are offering suggestions on how to prepare for experiencing this event. Focus, prayer, ritual etc. For me preparation means to get myself in the highest resonating frequency range that I can, to accommodate the integration of the tremendous “download” of Higher Frequency Light we will have the honor to experience and divine  opportunity to embody.

For me, the event I attended was more than perfect. It was not billed as a preparation for tomorrows celestial shenanigans, even though the presenters were well aware of the timing of the event. It was an invitation to play with sound and vocalization/chanting along with a high frequency raw food/charged water catalyst. I first read the e-mailed flyer about two weeks ago. I was interested then but didn’t know if I would feel like attending when the time came up. My wife was also interested in going. A day before the event, my wife was interested in preparing our nest for the solstice etc., but I was really charged up to go. This is how the Higher Self works. It provides you opportunities to achieve your requested outcomes and the intuitive knowledge when to take action on the opportunities.

I won’t go into all my wonderful personal energetic experiences during this vibrational play time other than to say I witnessed my vibrational increase particularly in the quantity and quality of light I was holding/radiating.

What I experienced after leaving this beautiful physical sacred space, was the vibrational affect I was having as I drove through the mountain woods. The light around me was like the light around a comet. A bit projected in front and a long wide wake to the sides and in back. The effect of this light was to ignite everything that passed through it. Not set it on fire but light it up! Increase its light quotient so to speak!

I’m not saying this wasn’t happening before I attended this wonderful event/opportunity. What was different was I was now able to see and feel it happening in a clearer way. We all reflect a great amount of light. This light has the effect on our surroundings of entraining and raising the frequency of our environment. The environment can also do the entraining. Being proactive in raising the quality and quantity of your own light quotient will not only have personal benefits, but will assist the planet and your brother/sister humans to shift into the next consciousness paradigm.

I may be an opportunity your Higher Self is presenting for increasing your light quotient. Check out my video page and transformational services to see if your intuition has a message for you.