I am receiving a massive download of light codes at the moment. So the information in these codes is for integrating your previous downloads. As the frequencies increase, you will be noticing changes  happening in and around you. These changes will be obvious in your media, your economy, and your relationships. You will see old paradigm programs and their implementation breaking down. (For you theorists, what ever the , the intended results can’t operate in the new , so change your focus and really start developing your and share energy.)

Some of you will experience people around you in various modes of . Please do not buy into that literally or figuratively. Remember to keep your focus on your heart and living from your heart. Do not react to this outer whether or not it comes from people or the environment (weather etc). Whatever is going on, find your before you act or react. Consciously ask your Higher Self what to do. You will get . The might be to do nothing. Or maybe not!

Sometimes you will not have the luxury to wait to take action, but you can develop the awareness of what is action and what is reaction. Note if “your buttons” are being pushed. If so, turn off the power switch so to speak and then reset or reboot before you do anything. This is similar to counting to ten.

You may not be successful right away, but if you make the effort to act, rather than react, it will eventually become a habit and will save your life, or at least make things a little more comfortable for you. Living from your heart may be the difference between having the building fall on you during an earthquake, or just missing you, or not even being near it. “” whether of the environmental kind, or the social interrelationship kind, are all caused by the Human kind.

If your are experiencing mechanical failures or being hampered by weather, just do what you have to do in the situation and stay calm. Getting over excited will not help anything. Take it one step at a time. What is the worst that could happen? What is the best? Your outcome will probably be somewhere in between. And realize that your higher self is providing these opportunities for you to grow into the new you. Your choices are important and you will be making them with increased frequency. You no longer have the luxury of waiting around. If you are not being proactive in embracing your opportunities, you will get pushed, and that’s when discomfort occurs.

If 2010 was the year for waking up and making your decision to proactively embrace your consciousness shift, 2011 is the year to proactively integrate the incoming Higher Light Frequencies. I am here to help. Be proactive and contact me to see what I can assist you with. There is no  charge for that initial contact. Here are some of the services I offer. I can also tailor a plan just for you. How’s that for your Higher Self providing you opportunities?