We are well into Mercury . So that usually means there could be challenges in communications, and mechanicals and can go haywire. I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of all of this in the last week or so. Because I knew about the possibilities of these annoyances happening, I was able to approach them with a good level of equanimity (Look it up! Its one of those egghead words, but in this case, it is perfect!).

I’m not saying that you should buy into expecting things to happen just because its Mercury Retrograde. If you focus on the expectation, you will create it. No, I’m saying it’s like the weather. If there is a of rain, its a good to carry rain protection, or be willing to get wet. Just because you are prepared, doesn’t mean it will happen. If there is a of unusually cold weather coming, (like right now), its a good idea to have your cold weather gear ready in case it really does get cold. You may choose to make sure you have plenty of wood chopped for the wood stove, should you be fortunate enough to have one. You can get by if you don’t prepare, but it could be very uncomfortable or stressful if you don’t. In the case of Mercury Retrograde, ( it if you don’t know what I am talking about) you can be proactive by being more attentive to your communication. You can’t control someone else’s communication or how they receive yours (you can ask if you are being understood though), but you can take extra care that your communication is clear.

Don’t blame all your bad experiences on Mercury Retrograde though. Take some responsibility and see what you can learn from the situation. You did create the situation and the enhanced opportunity (Mercury Retrograde) to grow. That is your Higher Self in action. Time to recognize your opportunities!

With the shift increasing speed, you have the opportunity to prepare before it reaches high gear! You and the earth will be getting increasing doses of Higher Frequency Light which carries the codes and information that will form your reality. I can help you to both prepare your DNA to accommodate the light transmissions, and assist you to install and integrate the programs as you receive them. Just contact me for a no obligation consultation to access your particular status and what course to take in preparation for the unavoidable ride of your life. (What I’m saying is this Shift is happening, and you can experience it totally discombobulated [that is a real word!] or with divine equanimity.)