Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,

You are being celebrated in the heavens for
your openness during this powerful time. Your willingness to stay
focused on the process that allows new frequencies of to begin
full operation on the earth has demonstrated your commitment to
evolution. This development of the soul body is reaching a new capacity
for the occurring. Globally people are showing up
to work together for prayer and healing. The dedication to the purpose
of integration and grounding of higher frequencies has been profound.
The denser energies of the earth are dissipating.

It may look
like a stirring of the pot of primordial stew, but consider that all
that is stuck to the bottom is rising to the top where it can be
skimmed off. You may have noticed the intense bubbling of emotions as
they sometimes reach the boiling point. With awareness the burners
under this cauldron of bubbling energy can be turned to a simmer. New
spices are being added and the stew of is taking on a
more cohesive flavor.

You did not fail any tests in the
process of the intense heat being applied to your personal evolutionary
stew. In fact, you removed all the clumps that were stuck to the sides
and bottom and added new liquid Light. You have been going through a
major healing process on your energy frequencies to develop equanimity.
There had to be some experimentation to find the right level of
frequency that allowed your nervous system to function and adapt to the
changes bubbling up in your life.

The Global Cauldron of Stew

The level of change was severe for some on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. The
world reflected this upheaval as the global cauldron of stew boiled
over in its evolutionary process. This year you have seen the
destruction in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, solar
activity, and manmade disasters on a greater scale than ever before.

Compassion is a key component at this time, especially for yourself.
The sheer level of high frequency bombardment required enormous focus
and care for your own welfare. It was a literal time of putting your own
oxygen mask in place before you could function in service to others.
There were so many things happening at once, distraction was rampant.
It’s not that these scenarios are over, and you might feel as though you
have been dipped into the bubbling cauldron to experience your fleshly
skins being burned away. This reflected the level of peeling of the
necessary layers to reach your core issues on emotional levels that
needed to be addressed. Many did not decide to stay to see how the stew
turns out but did their part to clarify and extract what they could
benefit from while they added their own spices. All contributions were
accepted in this evolutionary process.

Sometimes the stew just
has to be put on the back burner to simmer while you take care of other
issues that make up a part of life on earth. The intensity for the
human nervous system has been stimulated to the point of pain for some,
extreme elation for others. It is an individual evolution as well as
global after all.

Call in Support from the Archangels

In the meantime the Angelic support system has never been more active.
Masters of Light, and the Archangels as well, have been more present
than ever before. The activity of Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and
has increased to assist the evolution of the earth and all
beings. These beloved beings of Light have been available in an
unprecedented way and can be accessed with a turning of consciousness.
Invitations are requested and your life can be exquisitely expanded and
soothed by your willingness to invite in their assistance.

Before time, it was decreed that these Archangels would be present for
this shift of dimensions. It is their job to help all beings, as well as
the earth herself, through this time. Your soul community is gathering
according to your . Know that this is a part of the
work the Archangels were given to do.

Many are feeling they
have failed in some way to pass the tests being offered by the events
occurring around them. You may have noticed the surfacing of old
memories and attitudes of the past that had been handled at some point
in time, creating the feeling that you may have regressed, or learned
nothing in the years you have worked so hard to be a bridge from heaven
to earth.

Quit Thinking You Did Something Wrong

Some believe that they’ve done something wrong. We assure you that nothing could be farther from the truth.
Your evolution is a bumpy road and not without the process of
evaluation at times. The most important thing you can do to continue
your process of optimal future, is to regard your life and your self
with the utmost care and unconditional love. Remember that your harsh
judgments of yourself and your process will not hurry your evolution. In
fact, these relentless mental evaluations will only make you feel
miserable while you continue your path. How much more graceful will it
seem when you allow yourself to let go of old and
discordant thoughts as they reveal themselves, and do so without harsh

Regard yourself instead with the care and concern you
would give to a baby, a kitten or a puppy. For indeed, have within you
that same level of vulnerability, because you have never walked these
energy pathways before. The increasing frequencies are acting upon your
physical, mental and emotional beings in ways that help loosen control
of old rigid patterns. It’s a new time and the power of creation for a
new world consciousness is not without the pangs of birthing. Just
remember to focus your attention on what you want to feel in your new
life. Use the intensity of energy as a creative tool as you open to the
new light streaming through you. You have great support from the
non-physical, just don’t forget to ask for help.

Coming soon to a place within you – 12:12

activation on December 12th is an opening that can provide a softening
of the heart in order to receive the all-inclusive Christ
This powerful Light of the Christed energy
becomes available in a way that allows all beings willing to open their
hearts to receive Divine Love. As this Love permeates the atmosphere,
it encourages a new level of transformational healing, with the
recognition that Love is the greatest healer there is.

Be sure to set aside time that day,
especially when the clock says 12:12, to receive Divine Love. Join
with others to bring more Healing Light and Love to those in need. As
the planet receives this download connection of the Christ
Consciousness, the potential for evolutionary leaps becomes more

Your Life Really Matters

For all, if you could but know how dearly you are loved, it would replace the harshness of your mental reality.
Give yourself time every day to drink in the sweetness of this Divine
Love. Even if you are too distracted to feel it, there are Archangels
guiding you. These massive beings of light are focused on holding you
for your evolution into oneness with the Divine. Your imagination will
be a key component as you sit in the power of the Divine Light they so
lovingly offer. Let it in. Give yourself a Light Bath every day
imagining that Divine Love is feeding all the empty places within you
that are longing to be nourished.

This nourishment is available to you, as near as your breath. There
have been new openings into all this year. As the world
moves toward the sacred and holy days before the end of 2010, you are
being gifted with more access to the Divine Presence. Receive this love
with all your heart, and know you are being blessed by the Archangels
who guide you into the light of Oneness.

And so it is.