Peace and blessings my beautiful friend,

As I connect with
you today, I feel an overwhelming sense of Oneness, gratitude, and
love in every fiber of my being. What a wondrous time to be alive!
From an observer’s perspective, the best way to describe what we are
able to tap into at this time is similar to receiving an unconditional
loving embrace from someone who holds a very special place in our
heart. The kind of loving embrace that makes our heart skip a bit with
excitement. The kind of loving embrace that provides us with a deep
comfort which allows us to put down our armor as we reveal our truest
self without hesitation. The kind of loving embrace that melts away all
worries revealing how trivial they really are in the grand picture.

we glide into December, The continues to light up
every nook and crevice of our planet with It’s Unconditional Love. This
includes every cell of our physical and energetic being, especially the
mind (brain) and

To add to this exciting news, something other worldly is happening this on December 21st.
At 3:17 am EST, a total Lunar Eclipse will magnify the energies of
the Divine Feminine to soaring heights to the likes of which only the
ancient times have been blessed enough to experience. The combination
of the and this Winter Solstice
will usher in even more palpable changes we have anticipated would
manifest. As the Divine Feminine continues to integrate with our core
being and secures a prominent place in our lives, we will begin to
notice many shifts.

Personally, we may notice a change in our
breathing pattern so that we are taking deeper and fuller breathes. We
might also notice some movement in our heart space similar to what
might feel like heart palpitations. We may find ourselves a bit more
emotional than usual, where in one instant we find ourselves crying for
no apparent reason to another moment where we are bursting out with
euphoric laughter. If you are feeling a bit heavy in the head (i.e.
headaches) lower back, or shoulder area, ask your Higher Self to
release any and all vows, oaths, contracts, and obligations that you
have made with yourself to carrying the burden of the world and your
ancestors on your shoulders. As a whole, our consciousness has evolved
enough so that we no longer have to carry these burdens with us in
order to transmute them and usher in a higher way of being and living.
We can usher in the ‘New World’ with ease, grace, and comfort without
playing the role of the martyr anymore.

Also at this time, our
dreams are becoming more vivid sometimes seeming as real as our waking
state. Even those of us who have been unable to remember our dreams
will find ourselves remembering them. We might notice the people and
events occurring in our dream state running parallel with our conscious
waking life experience. Furthermore, we might find ourselves
experiencing the phenomena known as Déja Vu much more often now, which
just serves as more confirmation that we are exactly where we need to

Globally, the Divine Feminine will continue to guide us
towards a more transparent world where we are easily able to operate
authentically with respect for all life. Anything still operating
covertly with intentions that are not aligned with the greater good,
will simply be unable to move forward in the same way it once was able

The Compassionate Heart Awakens

As the
Divine Feminine energy quotient continues to amplify in our collective
consciousness, so too will the compassionate in our hearts.

compassion gives us the opportunity to love the way the Universe loves.
Compassion is when we are able to love ourselves and others from a
sacred space of deep inner knowing that we are all Divine Spiritual
Goddess/God Beings in Physical Form. With compassion, we are able to
maintain this expanded awareness as we love even when others are unable
to recognize it in themselves.

Compassion is not to be confused
with sympathy. When we sympathize with others, we are usually lowering
our vibration so that we can feel into whatever experience they are
going through. Many of us who are naturally empathetic understand this
concept all too well. As an empath, many of us have a tendency to want
to save and help everyone we meet. This is a wonderful quality, however
most empaths end up taking on the dense energies they are trying to
unburden others of for themselves. Then what usually happens is the
other person feels much better while we as the empath feel drained and
much worse. That is why it’s very important as an empath to operate
from a space of compassion rather than sympathy when assisting others
so they are empowered into a higher paradigm of Unconditional Love.

always begins with the self. When we become committed to fully loving
and accepting ourselves first, we are able whole heartedly anchor more
Divine love and compassion for the world around us.


compassion comes understanding. Through understanding we are able to
recognize that everything and everyone is exactly where they need to be
on their journey. We no longer have the need to convince or control
others into experiencing the same journey as ours. Understanding gifts
us with the opportunity to honor every person’s journey even if that
journey appears different than ours. When we choose to operate from a
space of understanding, we are able to see the beauty and value in the
perspective of all life.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


©2010 Emmanuel , All Rights
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