As you move into more illumination and more luminosity you
become one who dwells on all levels, all surfaces, all layers of life. 
As you move fully into one who takes responsibility in the deep abyss
of the inner thinking of your existence, then you become empowered. 
You need not weapons to protect yourself.  You need not bulletproof
vests to protect yourself or armies or navies.  You need only the
thought in every layer of your being that ‘I Am Of Pure Light And I Am
Of Pure God. And Of Earth Can Destroy This, Harm This, Or
Change This In Any Way.” 

You all stand at the gateway at
sunrise on a planet that still wears her veils of mourning.  You all
look at this light as it rises in your sleepy eyes behind clouds of
doubt.  Your goes out, and your voice goes out, as you become one
with what you yearn to experience.  Open the gates of your being and
feel truly and totally with your light.  For the humanness crouches in
the corner of self, but the light rises to meet the day, dances with
the night, and rises to meet conflict without a droplet of fear, doubt,
or darkness within it.  As you move effortlessly into the upcoming
year, there will be eclipses of the heart, total eclipses of dreams
lost, and total eclipses of what appears to be your securities.  All of
this is but a fleeting , a passing of two ships in the night

now and the end of the year, you will be asked to cradle the babe
within you, the Christ child within you. In apparent darkness, you will
be asked to birth this Christ child without an external light. Using
only the light of peace, and the light of love to illuminate what
cannot be seen. You will take this babe in swaddling clothes and you
will hold it up for all willing eyes to see, for it will birth you into
all that you have held dear. 

For each of you that sit in this
realm of light and knowledge, have proclaimed that it shall be nothing
less than a place of peace, and love.  You have proclaimed to your
human molecules,  "I shall receive peace, “I shall be healed, I shall
be purified, and I shall be cleansed.”  And so it shall be.  (The
vibration of SHALL is seven of nature declaring the spiritual warrior
be set free. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Working
 for the light, by the light and with the light. Not being allowed to
stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought.
Seven brings you home the place where miracles are an every minute
event. Seven is your natural state of being. )

Your ears
will deafen to the loud calls of fear and your hearts shall leap past
all the thoughts of danger and your light shall shine down upon all
those that are afraid.   Give to yourself this , the of
peace.  Give it in every thought.  Give it in every word.  And give it
in every gift that you wrap and unwrap.  For remember dear ones, it is
the babe in swaddling clothes that you grace with your presents and
your presence.  Unwrap the divinity within you.  You have mummified
yourself into stagnation and now it is time to take off the wraps of
the past. Do not let one aspect of your heart, stay wrapped in the
swaddling clothes of christmas past..

For it is your duty as
warriors of Light — to fight in such a way you don’t your sword,
you don’t raise your anger, and you don’t raise your fists to
anything.  For each drop of anger that you have within your own sphere
of life adds to the turmoil and chaos of the world.  You all stand at
the apex of a new beginning.  as a shaman who leaps off the side of a
mountain knowing without a doubt that there is a portal of light You
must leap without your securities.  You must leap with love and with a
knowing that nothing, NOTHING can destroy your peace, your unity, and
your freedom.  you all ways/ always have pure light at your disposal. 

Michael, come to tell you.  I stand with you; I stand for you.  
Everyone feels in their heart, they are right.  Everyone feels in his
or her heart that theirs is the ultimate truth.  So we seek to bring
peace and wisdom, and enlightenment to every person on earth.  Expand
your perspectives.  Encompass 360 degrees of this inner sight and
knowing.  It is in that center point of seeing that you will understand
what we speak. Stand tall in your light, fearless.  I am Michael and I
am your sword.  

Gillian – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –