Here is most of a communication with my porcupine friend, (the names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty)

I continue to trod .  Do you feel these coming changes are to be apparent to the masses.  Or as I see it, it will be pure hell for most and a beautiful internal experience for some.  I cannot see everyone coming into alignment all at once.  I love fairy tales but PLEASE.  I worry about my own ability to survive spontaneous manifestation.  I did not even take the whole concept seriously until a few months ago.  I have been happily gathering chi into my lower Tan Tian and developing a pearl of pure awareness for decades.  Groups are scary.  The starseed notion kind of found me.  I think it is fun but…everyone sitting around singing kumbiya sounds a lot like sheep to  the slaughter.  I have my reservations about the seeming benign nature of the space brothers as well.  What, everyone is only interested in being good and helping each other out?  I understand oneness, I Am a arch typical nice who has been known to finish last a lot.  I love to help but expect to be payed.  Perhaps little green pieces of paper dont mean much to those who can materialize desire.  However,  rats are good parents too.  I Am wary of those smarter than me.  I know how stupid and trusting I can be.  Here I Am exposing my soft underside to a stranger, (as usual).  You seem like a wise , Lol.  What do you think?  In Brotherhood, Porcupine.

Here is my answering comment (also changed to protect the guilty, namely me)

Ha Ha to most of that. I think people who are prepared will be fine. We really are coming into a massive amount of high frequency light which is a game changer. As I said on a recent post( I can’t remember right now which one), those who don’t properly prepare will get fried. Some will be a nice golden brown and others will be burnt.
Have you checked out Its David wilcock’s site. He seems pretty integress (Is that a word? its not in my computer dictionary) to me and has great about extraterrestrial (and starseed, and wanderer, etc) disclosure and the NWO etc. All those “negative” people and their actions will fall away in this change. The consciousness just won’t support them or their activities. Its really the physics of the thing. And we will see a lot of chaos around us. We don’t have to embrace it. The key here is remaining focused. I think you know this isn’t a platitude. Its the real deal.
The times I don’t remember to stay heart centered is when I remember to be heart centered. Those times are when I feel the pain, but it is short lived because I am willing to go back to heart.
As to you being willing to expose your underbelly, its my job this time around to radiate a heart energy that folks can trust and use for their own benefit. I don’t send it, I share it. So If I am sharing it , that means you are also sharing heart energy with me when we communicate. Thats how it works. This is the essential component of the new consciousness paradigm. We create our reality from our heart.
As to me being wise, I’m not so much wise as a conduit for high frequency light which is information which presents itself as wisdom. There! Was that a wise thing to say?
As for the green stuff, I’ve never had an abundance of it personally in this life, but I live in a comfortable, secluded, heavenly place and circumstances, for which I am eternally grateful. I offer plenty of free stuff on my website and if people want individual attention, they can do a proper exchange. If they want to contribute to my efforts that I provide as service to fostering this transition, they can do that too (donate). I am doing this full time and I believe the universe will support me, however that transpires. I provide a seemingly important service so we’ll see what happens.
Love Geoffrey