What I ask you to do is to come out of yourself, your applied self, the self
that the world gave you and you adopted. Let the you that you have repressed
come out of hiding, and be the irrepressible happiness you are. It takes a lot
of to keep yourself down. Can you imagine a bird not flying? That may be
you, beloveds, a bird who has not yet dared to let go and fly. Can you imagine a
bird fearful to fly? Birds are meant to fly, and so are you.

You are not meant to be closed in. Free yourself. So, once again, I suggest
you let go of the past. Just let it go. No longer be tied up in the past.

Weep no more. Or, go ahead and weep. Mourn those who have passed on. You will
reunite. But let Us not mourn that you, in the of life, allowed yourself
to abscond from life. Let go of all limits put on you. Let go of all the limits
you have beset yourself with. Become your own. Become your own candle of light
that ventures forth. No more hiding in the shadows. You are a Being of the Sun.
You might as well let it be known.

Why would I have made you of light unless you were to shine your light? I did
not create you to keep your light inside, burrowed, reluctant to come out,
reluctant to be the light of the day, reluctant to shower your light upon all.
You have great light within you. Now let that light come out so you can see what
you are made of.

You were never made to hide behind a bushel. You were made for the bright
light of day. What are you waiting for? Someone&;s approval? You have Mine.

Must others’ ideas and opinions dismantle your light? Perhaps you have been
expecting disapproval, and that has kept your head down.

Now come out of hiding. That is , beloveds. That is what
is. It is coming out of hiding.

A great certificate came with your birth, and you haven’t dared open it. The
certificate read: “Newborn child of God’s Love.” Imagine My great joy at your

You are still that newborn, yet you have been waiting on the sidelines for a
signal that tells you that you are all right, that you are really real, and that
you are far more than the world has let on and that you have let on to yourself.
I am giving you the signal now. Now you come forth into the bright sunshine of
My love, and you shine it on the Earth and all the seeming other people who walk
on Earth. They are all you, and they are looking for a signal from you that God
walks on Earth and that they are all right. What more than that is needed? What
more do you need than to know your worth to Me and your worth to the errant
world? What will the world be worth once you shine My light for all to see?

Come, smile upon My creation, and smile upon yourself. You who are My Beloved
have to know yourself and be true to the truth of you. You have to know that you
are an angel sent to Earth. You have not seen yourself as angel at all, but,
yes, you are an Earthborn angel. When you take away the costume, you are the
same angel of Heaven that you have always been. If you have seen yourself as
less than an angel, you have not seen. Here comes the Sun.