God said:

Is it so hard to believe that you are loved beyond measure? Is it so hard to
believe that I you, and you fully, you without , without
, without question? Is it so hard to believe that I conceived you and
chose you? Of all the , I chose you. I placed My image within you.
I placed you on and never let go of you. Gave you , of course, yet
never let you out of My sight and My hearing and never ran out of My
all-consuming love.

Believe in My love. Believe in My love and your right to it. To know that you
are loved makes all the difference in the world. Feeling that love of Mine puts
you on solid ground. Yes, I love Mine. And every one on Earth is Mine. No
exception. Every living breathing thing is Mine. All the growing things are
Mine. Even the stones are Mine. Most certainly, you are Mine.

You are My creation, My unique creation. There is no other one like you, even
though all are One. You alone are you. Nobody else is. One night, I sat and
thought of you. I thought: “How about a beautiful light on Earth?” And, so, I
sent you, a spark of My light, to Earth as a signal of love. You are My light on
Earth. What else could you be? My beloved is My beloved, and you are intractably
My beloved.

Created from above, established in , I placed you on Earth. I whispered
in your ear: “You are loved beyond measure. My love is firm in your heart. You
are the light of My light, and I ask you to brighten Earth with the light of
Myself that I have given you.” I further said: “I have also placed My
in you. All the confidence I have in you is yours to have. Have My great
confidence. On Earth, give My light and establish Great Light on Earth so that
all shall see what I have made when I made each and every one of you. You are My
beautiful Beings of Light.”

And so I whispered My messages to you, and My messages are established in the
DNA of your heart. Some of My messages you have kept secret even from yourself.
You and I have no secrets, beloveds. An opportunity will come when you will
begin to know all that I have foretold. You will hear the echoes of the whispers
I gave you. You will wonder: “What whispers are these that I hear?”

You will hear My whispers louder and louder until you will burst forth in
light and light the whole world.

I speak to every one of you. No one came to Earth without My blessing and the
blessing of the light and the words I gave to them and that I gave to you.

I tell you now that this is the time for you to remember the glory that is
yours. Now is the time that you step out of old thoughts and embrace the new.
Now is the time for you to know that you are a star on Earth, and this is your
time to shine.

It is time for you and your life to take an upturn. It is time for My
prophecies to come true. Consider yourself an encoded prophecy, and now you come
to light, and now My prophecy comes true. Behold how My prophecy unfolds. Behold
how My prophecy blossoms in the light of My love. You are My love. Blossom now.
Unfold My prophecy. Turn up the volume of the messages I whispered to you. I
whisper them again to you. Come closer so you can hear.