God said:

You are constantly on the tip of My tongue. I savor My thoughts of you. My
thoughts of you are an eternal present I give to Myself.

My heart beats within the pauses of thoughts of you. The whole wide world
opens up as My heart encompasses you. You are encompassed in My heart, and so
you dispel the world to itself.

You are a delight to Me. I know the of your heart. I know when it is
squeezed. I know when it is open. And I know when it is wide open. Right now
your heart, your , is between open and wide open. Otherwise, you
would not be reading My words. And when My words enter your heart, you open your
heart more, and sometimes My words ream your heart wide open. Your heart is
meant to be wide open. Open tends to feel vulnerable to you, as if a meteor
would sail through or a foreign object would enter and exit leaving your heart
wounded. It is as if you feel you are panting for breath on the shore of love
and can’t quite make it.

Beloveds, you are panting for love. of love wash you onto the shore of
love, just where you are supposed to be. You discover yourself on a strand of
love. You wake up to yourself here on the verge of love, daring to love, loving
to love, being awash in love, as if there were nothing else but love, love to do
and love to be. Declared or not, you are love. You are nothing but love.

Wounded love is nothing but love incomplete. It is a misperception. Cupid
shoots arrows of love. Love pierces your heart, so it seems. Open your heart,
and arrows will not pierce it. Hearts are meant to be open. Your heart is meant
to be open. Do not be contrary to your heart.

Your heart has a great capacity for love. Nothing is going to burn up your
heart. Your heart will simply expand. With each perceived assault, your heart
will open wider. Your heart is not going to be consumed. Your heart is going to
be elevated. Your heart is becoming unassailable. Your heart is surrounding the
world, encompassing the world, nourishing the world. You are not to protect your
heart. You are to contain the world in it. Welcome the world into your heart.

You are not meant to resist love. You are meant to be ebullient with love.
Your heart is meant to be a fountain of love, ever rising, ever sharing its
contents of love.

If you feel heartsore with the arrival of love, then give love everywhere. Do
not target it. Spend it effusively. Be a lover of the world. Simply be a pitcher
of love that pours love generously. What good is love if it is not generous?
Love cannot be ungenerous. Love is what generates from you wholeheartedly,
upliftingly, sportingly, capaciously and quietly, very quiet love, demanding
nothing. Love is not walked on. Love is like the waves of the ocean as they
greet the shore, lapping waves of love that ask for nothing but to be
themselves, to overlap anything bounding from a human heart that is not a wave
of love. Reach the shore of another heart. Be bountiful. Be heart-bountiful. Be
God-bountiful. Give way to love. You are a force of love, so be it.

You might as well love with all your heart and not just with a piece of it.
Be wholehearted. Love is Wholeness. It is not part-ness. It is not heartless. It
is heartful. Be not afraid to love without quarter. Do not be afraid to reach
the shores of love and surpass the shores. It is yourself you love in another.
Keep your ability to love and to let love be free. Do not halter it.