God said:

Love does not mean dependence. Your love is to set others free and yourself
as well. Love does not bind. It does not bind the other nor does it bind you.
You are not a prisoner of love. You are a fulfiller of love. You are the
responder and receiver of love.

Love calls to you and meets itself within your heart. Love resides in the
heart at the very moment it is given. Love is multi-directioned. It is not
hoarded, nor is it frivolous. Love goes beyond borders. Love has no borders
unless you make them up. Love does not say, “This far, and no further.”

Some minds tell the heart where it can love and where it cannot love. Have
you ever heard of anything so foolish? Love, by its very nature, is unbounded.
There are no exceptions. Love does not walk down narrow aisles. Love does not
say: “I will go here, but not there.” Love is bigger than that. Love is bigger
than anything. We are talking about love beyond physical attraction. Let your
love be attracted everywhere. Love is not a nit-picker. Love is for all. Love is
a way of being. You are love, and love goes everywhere and sees love everywhere.
Love loves the lovely, and love loves the so-called unlovely. Love is a
condition of your heart.

Love does not stand back. Love does not wait for permission. Love is like a
lovely mist that falls everywhere.

By your very presence, are stirred. You do not stir , yet they
are stirred by your love. You pass through others’ lives, and they are stirred
by your love. Your love emboldens them. Here comes your love. It is rushing to
and fro right now.

Love does not depart. It embraces. It embraces on a silent level. Love does
not have to put its arms around anyone. By its very nature, love embraces. A hug
is nice, but it is nothing next to love that needs no , love that
just has to be allowed to be.

Love is not meant to be dependent upon your thoughts. Love is not a snare
that traps you. There is bigger love than personal love. Personal love is
practice for universal love. The Great Ones simply loved. They loved all. They
did not bill and coo love. They loved. The way a flower reveals its sweet scent,
the Great Ones revealed their love. Love is bigger than life. You are bigger
than life.

Let love be, and laugh.

Love in the world searches for Oneness. Everyone wants Oneness. Everyone
craves it. Love is not out there, beloveds. That is not where you find it. You
find it within yourself. The sunshine of love dwells within you. And the sun
shines on all.

You have had glimpses of love. You have had glimpses of Oneness. Now you are
going to see more love, feel more love. You are going to let love out. You will
not be a sponge of love. You will be a giver of love. You will stand tall and
give love wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You are simply going to
shine your love everywhere. And the sun is going to shine on you, beloveds. It
already is. You would not be here unless the sun has been shining on you.

You are at a beautiful place now. You are on the verge of love, and you are
going to go all the way with love. You will not have to hold onto banisters.
Your love will fly free. As it flies free from you, you are exalted. Love rises
to Heaven, and you are risen.