God said:

My child spoke to Today today. My child said:

“Hello, Today, this day. May you be an umbrella for all the .
Open, may your umbrella shield us all from rain. Closed, may your umbrella point
the way to God&;s heart.

“What is this entity that we call today? What are you? You’re not time and
space, for God says there are none. Yet, even if time and space did exist, what
are you? Today, whether you drag your feet or speed by, you seem to be adamant
about spinning your wheels. Do you run over us, or do we run over you? Are you
the delivery man? Are you the ice cream man? Or are you music?

“If you take place, are you a place? If you spin, are you time? Are you a
path that I run down or run in place on? Are you a jogging path? You are a
provider. You are an offerer. What you offer changes day by day, minute by
minute. Perhaps you are a platform.

“You provide yourself daily, and yet, who can put a finger on you except in a
calendar? There are names for you, and, like yourself, they change. One day you
are a Monday in August, and another day you are something else. Today, what are
you? What will you be? Are you as blindfolded as I am?

“You are loyal, for sure. You always turn up. You have never missed. You put
your shoulder to the wheel. You are a day over and over again, and your face
changes, and what you’re up to changes. You change right before our eyes. Do you
have moods? Do you have wings that fly?

“At whose bidding are you? What brings you, and where do you go? What do you
have to do with me, and I with you? What are we to each other? You would think
that we would know each other very well by now, and yet… You are new every day,
and it seems I have never met you before. Are you my shadow, or am I yours? Who
follows whom?

“You are dutiful, that is for sure. But what is your goal? Where are you
going? Are you a mere watermill that goes round and round and powers the mill?
Are we just grist for the mill, or are we, after all, stars descended from the
sky for a short while? What do you make of you and what do you make of me,
Today? Are we companions, or do we walk past each other? Do I just use you like
a floor mat I walk on? Of what use to you am I when I race after you every time
you appear? Or, do you chase after me? Are you the house I live in?

“There is something that goes on here on Earth between us. We know there is
life going on. You are definitely more than a page on the calendar. I think I
don’t love you enough. Do you love me? Or are you impartial? You offer yourself
as you are. Do you have real interest in me, in all of us? Are you just a roll
of the dice? Or are we the dice that roll on you?

“What are you when you become Yesterday? What are you when you become
Tomorrow? Do you become past or future? Are you young, or are you old? What
testimony do you give, or do you say anything at all? Are you neutral? Are you
impersonal? Do you love me? Do I love you?

“Today, let’s you and I fall in love, and let us dance in harmony and be
perfect for each other.”