God said:

Nothing is bleak but that you say it is. You accept bleakness. Life is in
bright color, beloveds. It is not bleak.

If someone came up and handed you a lit grenade, you would not accept it. You
would run away from it. In the same way, you do not have to accept bleakness or
dreariness or anything that you don&;t want. You don&;t have to accept it, and if
you have accepted it, you don’t have to keep it. You can throw it far away.
Picture yourself throwing a of bleakness away.

Sometimes you forget that you have free will. If you sit in a moping,
you can get up and not mope.

You can feel bereft, if you choose, yet you do not have to feel bereft.

What can you be bereft of when you have Me? I am aware that you have much to
say to defend your sense of feeling bereft, yet you don’t have to defend feeling
bereft, and you don’t have to keep it. The truth is that you are overflowing
with gifts, and yet you put bereftness before them. Are you spoiled? You
received one hundred toys at , and you yearn for the one you don’t
have. Be grateful for what you do have. Be grateful for what you did have.

Count your blessings is an oft-heard refrain. Count your blessings, and you
will never finish counting.

Let your become the Light Brigade I made it to be. Your is not
meant to be a thermometer that goes up and down. Your heart is not meant to be a
weather vane. Your heart is not meant to waver.

If you are in the doldrums, get out of the doldrums. Why would you choose to
stay there? Do you like being in the doldrums? Sometimes it would seem so, and
yet how do the doldrums serve you? Are they a punishment? For what, beloveds?
Give yourself a break, and get out of the doldrums.

Live your life with alacrity. You are alive. Although temporary, although a
dream, your life is worth something. Decide to enjoy life while it is still here
in front of you. What else should you do with life but enjoy it. Choose now. Set
the ship’s course to joy. Once set, conditions will be favorable for your
journey. All the conditions are not imposed on you. Or, if they are imposed, you
can set sail with or without them. Have bigger things on your mind. Anything is
bigger than the shallows you sometimes put yourself in.

You do not have to take life lying down. Get up, Sparky, and get on with
life. Life is your fortune. Set out to find your fortune. You are someone
fortunate. Now, dear ones, don’t start trying to prove that you are not. I say
you are fortunate. Think of your good fortune. Think of yourself as fortunate.
You possess the light of God. My light is yours. I light your path. Follow Me.
This way to Paradise. Hitch a with Me.

Together, We shall have the ride of the century. Together, We are undaunted.

Where has your sense of bereftness gone now? Are you done with it? I tell you
that you are done with it. If you think you may still have it, then cast it
aside. Cast it out. Take what you require of life, and it will not be grayness.
What good is grayness to you? Acquire brightness. No longer put yourself through
that which you don’t want. Toss out that which keeps you in bondage. Set
yourself free. Sail the High Seas.