God said:

Remember that you are on at My bequest. It was My idea. This means that
you are here for a purpose. You do not have to be able to name your purpose in
order to fulfill it. Most do not know the immediate and intimate aims of their
existence on Earth, and, yet, their purpose is fulfilled. They fulfill it. Their
purpose is not wrested out of their hands. No one else fulfills your purpose for
you. You are the only one.

That you do not know what your purpose is does not mean that your purpose is
not important. It is very important. You don&;t have to know your purpose in
order to fulfill it. Your purpose is not something you check off on a list and
say, “Done.”

In one sense, you have one purpose. In another sense, your purpose is
manifold. On the path you travel, you fulfill your purpose. The path you travel
is not your purpose, yet on the way, you fulfill your purpose. And yet your
purpose is not a one-shot thing. We could say that you are your purpose, or,
perhaps more accurately that you are My purpose. Surely, you know I intended
you. I intended the of you.

You do not always live your truth. Sometimes you mask it. Sometimes you are
afraid of it. Too often you are afraid to see yourself as the I
made you. Do not overlook your importance any longer. If you consider yourself a
horse, you may have seen yourself a nag. Nevertheless, you are a noble steed.
The worst you can be is a noble steed in disguise. Disguise can be washed off or
worn off or taken off. A disguise is a disguise. A disguise is not truth.

Consider in your life that you are like Hansel and Gretel in the . In
the Hansel and Gretel story, the two children left breadcrumbs so they could
find their way back. In your story, I have left twigs and leaves like arrows and
little stones in the underbrush of the forest for you to follow. I left many
clues for you on the floor of the forest and also in your DNA. Even as you may
feel lost, you are finding your way. We could say that finding your way is your
purpose, and, yet, there is more to it than that. Finding your way is reading
the map of yourself.

This does not mean to be so introspective, for then you are self-centered.
Your purpose is definitely not to be self-centered.

Blind or not, you are on the way to fulfilling your purpose. Follow your
purpose single-handedly, and yet your purpose has more than one vein to follow.
You are on a treasure hunt. You are about to discover gold. There is more than
one lode to discover.

Along the way, you may discover gold that is yours only to give to someone
else. It is yours to point to on behalf of someone else. All your good fortune
is part of your purpose. It is indeed good fortune to find gold that is someone
else’s or yours to give to someone else.

Consider life a giant jigsaw . Each piece fits perfectly. You are not
the whole puzzle. You are an essential part of it, and all the puzzle pieces are
connected. They embrace. A piece of a puzzle is only a piece. A clue to your
purpose is that you contribute to the whole. Clasp all others. You are
connected. You are interconnected. A clue to your purpose is that you are
Wholeness. A clue to your purpose is that you associate. You do not
disassociate. You raise a flag that has words embroidered on it. What does the
flag say? What are the words you want on your flag?